Healthy Lifestyles Consulting Services, LLC


Over 40 years experience as a Private Health and Wellness Coach

Helping you get your life back from the Skin MIte attack. Streamline your path to symptom free living

Services offered:

Evaluations and recommendations from first hand experience in overcoming Skin Mite infection.

  • Personal instruction in protocol and product use
  • How to deal with medical professionals and Collembola
  • How to deal with family members and Collembola
  • Identifying possible sources of infection/getting a specimen
  • How to minimize the risk of re-infection
  • Adapting your protocol for your individual requirements
  • Diet and Lifestyle suggestions to strengthen your immune system
  • Healthy replacements for your favorite not so healthy food choices
  • Recommend alternatives to just suppressing any other health challenges

"I can save you months, if not years, of suffering and thousands of dollars of products that won't work.  Read TESTIMONIALS  of those I have helped, and then call for an appointment today." ~ Megan

Fees for initial consultations are $100 for 60 minutes. Follow-up appointments are billed in 30 minute blocks at $50 each. All appointments are paid in advance via Credit Card.

Note: Due to scheduling constraints, appointments will end at exact finish times. Be sure to set enough time to get all your questions answered during your reserved time. For consulting on health challenges besides mites, Morgellons, or Collembola please refer to Megan's books.

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Phone: (808) 249-2449
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Help with research on Collembola.
Donate or pay for a consultation by adding 4% to the consultation fee.

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