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rainbow_skinmiteTo all who are suffering from what they think is human skin parasites, skin mites, Collembola, or have symptoms like scabies but nothing works it is my sincerest wish that what worked for me will help you.

If doctors have blown you off and told you that you have Delusional Parasitosis because they are too lazy or don’t care enough to learn the truth my hope is this protocol will help you like it helped  me and my family. Most likely if you think you have some kind of scabies or bird mites or skin mites that won't go away with normal treatments it could be a genetically modified skin fungus attracting a microscopic bug called Collembola that eats this super food fungus infecting your skin.  To this date it has been almost impossible to detect because everyone is looking for a biting stinging bug. After 6 yrs of consulting no bugs have been found under the skin by any doctors on anyone I know of. That is because it is some kind of FUNGUS causing all but the crawling sensations. The Collembola has no apparatus to bite or sting. It is not a new kind of Collembola because many (including myself)  have had specimens identified who had biting and stinging sensations and none of the bugs they caught had any appartus to bit or sting only chew.

I suggest you read the entire site so you will understand that what you think will work won’t because I already tried it or have heard that someone else has (from over 1,000 victims I have personally spoken with at this point) and then go back and do what I did under Treatments for Collembola.

How to get a specimen of what is crawling on you

This is the very first thing I suggest you do to make sure it is not something else in your environment....

  • Get clear packing tape and a 10X Magnifying glass
  • Place the tape (sticky side down) about 5-inches above the floor
  • If you don't want to hold it (since it may take hours), use a couple jars on wither side to hold the tape. You are bait so if you sit there you can attract them faster.
  • Place it in an area of most activity and during the time of day most activity is happening
  • After a few hours, secure the tape (sticky side down)  over jar mouth to protect it
  • Place the jar over a light and study it with the magnifying glass to see if you got any.  Circle it (or them) with a pen. Keep trying until you get something.
  • Transfer tape (sticky side down) to a small tupperware or jar and place a lid over it to send to the vector control in your local health department  for identification.  They do not charge for this.
  • By identifying what is in your environmentf, you will be helping yourself and others to bring awareness to this plague.  You can also prove to family and doctors that you are not delusional.
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