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Before we found CedarCide this was the most helpful for eliminating the mites that were reproducing in or on our skin. The steam sterilizes your skin. These units are pricy but are one of the greatest remedies for all health conditions. Steam baths with essential oils was Hippocrates (the Father of Medicine) most recommended treatment for all disease. You will use it for the rest of your life and it will extend your life! It plugs into any household outlet and uses distilled water.

I have had one for over 10 years and it has always functioned perfectly. You can use it daily to deal with sports injuries, sinus problems, colds, arthritis; just to name a few. It will also strengthen the immune system and relax you.

Note:  Be sure to check with a doctor if you have any conditions that would make it unsafe for you to do this treatment. The more toxic you are physically the less heat tolerant you are so you may have to start out with a lower temperature and less duration.

Use Arbonne BodyWash immediately upon coming out of steam bath to suffocate anything left on your skin. Cover every inch of skin with a thin layer to seal it. We did this as we stepped out of the steam bath because if something just hatched because of the moist heat and the heat did not kill it, you do not want it to go into your environment on the way to the shower. We just left the soap on for a few minutes while we cleaned the spa which saved time and also gave the soap time to suffocate anything left on our skin.


This is an essential oil mix I used in the aroma spa steam bath.

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