megan_meditate_skinmite Megan Wells, the creator of this site, spent years fighting this condition on her own. Since no medical doctors helped her, she began the pain staking search for a way out of the suffering on her own. Her ability to live a normal life again is proof that what she discovered works. For comments and feed back from some of the people Megan has consulted with see  Testimonials.

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From her first hand experience and years of internet and medical research, plus feedback from 1,000's of victims she has now helped, Megan has gathered priceless information over a 6 yr period on what to do and what does not work. She can save you $1,000's of dollars and months, if not years, of needless suffering. If you want personal guidance on how to  quickly get over this you can now schedule a paid phone consultation with Megan. If you are out of the United States you can have a paid Skype appointment.


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For a paid appointment for private consulting with Megan by phone, please print and fill out the Credit Card Authorization by clicking the green arrow below and print and fill out the Intake Form and fax or email to Megan. Please allow 24-hours prior to your appointment scheduled for your intake to be studied by her. She is now doing paid Skype appointments only for those residing outside the US. * Note intake forms are only used for paid consultations.

Fees for all consultations are $100 for 60 minutes minimum. Additional minutes over 60 are billed in 30 minute blocks at $50 each. All appointments are paid in advance via Credit Card. You can use the donte button onthe home page but will need to pay $4 more to cover Paypal charges.  Please leave the appointment time in the Credit Card form blank. We fill that in at our end.

Download the Credit Card Authorization Form for Consultations


For those who have sent in proof of purchase through the links on this site for the 2  most critical products needed IE  Arbonne and CedarCide  Megan offers a one time FREE 30 minute appointment to guide you in the use of those products. Please understand that since her time will now  tightly scheduled, no un-booked overtime will be possible. (See ordering instructions under Products) Proof of purchase through this site emailed to us is required prior to scheduling.

Missed appointments will not be refunded unless cancelled by email or fax prior to 24-hours before time of appointment.



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Donate or pay for a consultation by adding 4% to the consultation fee.

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