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For those of you who are interested in a paid appointment with Megan Wells, Initial 1 hour minimum and follow-up half hour appointments are available. Megan suggests that you fill out and send in the Intake Form which are used for the initial 1 hour paid consultations.  *Intakes are only used for PAID  1 hour initial appointments. The intake is your history and Megan studies it and makes notes to go over with you if she sees something that is of concern for your recovery. Please keep answers brief. You can go into more detail in your appointment.

Free appontments are for going over product use so there is no time for going into histrory of your condition etc. It takes the entire 30 minutes to cover the protocol with no interuptions other than questions about application of the products.

 EVERYONE Please also fill out the Survey Surveys are collected for long term study of data and patterns of this condition but are not studied for any appointment. They may contribute to research and hopefully contribute to someday getting this condition covered by health insurance.

Prior to your appointment, please thoroughly study the information on Treatment page to minimize redundancy;  so that Megan can focus more efficiently on your personal situation.

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