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These 2 products saved us from intense suffering. They have the ability to do what extremely toxic treatments can't. 

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*Note buying these skin products from Amazon or anyone other than those authorized by the company that makes them can result in buying out of date products which may cause more skin problems. The natural preservatives in them that keep the potent ingredients from becoming contaminated may be ineffective once they go out of date.

BodyWash Soap

After trying everything you can imagine (see list of what did not work in TREATMENTS), I realized that this mild soap is the best! It is a product formulated in Switzerland and made in the US. Your skin is part of your immune system, it is created to keep out invaders, keep your internal organs safe, breathe and eliminate toxins. It is the largest organ of elimination you have. Just as things you consume hurt your internal immune system things you do to your skin hurt its immune system. Your skin creates a layer to protect itself from invading microbes. Most soaps strip this completely off. You know you have done this when your skin feels tight and squeaky clean. When you use these stripping types of soaps what you don't realize is that it then takes about 24 hrs for your body to re-create this protection. In the mean time, your skin is unprotected with what should be the first line of defense and is exposed to environmental damage, bacterial microbes and mites. The soaps and poisons that are being sold to kill these mites work in the moment but make you more susceptible to having problems tomorrow!

Also do read up on how this PH correction works for healthy skin. You will want to keep you're skin in "better than ever" condition even after the fungus invasion is only a bad memory. I was really drying and damaging my skin prior to finding these products.

It was explained to me while trying to use the products from Q-Based Solutions for mites that the products all worked by suffocating. I realized that a product did not have to strip and ruin the health of your skin to do that. I looked like I had aged 30 years from the drying affect of Q-Based Solutions products. Because of this damage I began using the BodyWash/soap that someone suggested directly after Q-Based products to try to correct the pH of my skin and heal the damage. One day I decided to see what would happen if I just used the mild bodywash soap. To my amazement it worked better and did not hurt my skin. It in fact helped my damaged skin!

Applied correctly one body wash lasts for 3 months even used 2x a day. The applicator scrubby that comes free with the wash is OK because it is not a natural fiber. You can not use any natural fiber brushes or cloths because the mites or fungus will breed in them. The best cloth for use with this body wash is a nylon wash cloth. They last for a year or more.

See and example of nylon wash cloth or order now on Amazon ($5.50)

Water Resistant Sunscreen 

Wearing the sunscreen appears to prevent both attacks from the environment and symptoms from inside. The other SPF sunscreens by this same company and other companies do not work! We tried to determine which ingredient was the reason with no success. It appeared that Oxycrelene, a water proofing ingredient was higher in this product than the others made by this company so we found other sunscreens that had almost double this ingredient but they did not work at all. This is so far the only moisturizing product that does not make the problem worse and in fact helps. ALL other products that contained oils or moisturizers aggravated the condition. NOTE* THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED by the manufacturer. YOU CAN TRY THE NEW SPF 30 FOR FACE PRODUCT  NUMBER # 8915 on your body BUT IT HAS NOT BEEN TESTED YET TO SEE IF IT WORKS. THE NEW REPLACEMENT FOR SPF 30 FOR BODY DOES NOT HAVE ANY OF THE SAME INGREDIENTS SO I CAN"T RECOMMEND IT. THE 8915 PRODUCT APPEARS TO HAVE SOME OF THE SAME INGREDIENTS AS COTZ WHICH DOES WORK. The Cotz is a sure thing and now that I have seen how small the tube of the face sunscreen is the price seems to be higher than using COTZ.


After Sun Lotion 

Once the crawling is completely gone using this hydrating formula moisturizes and alleviates dry itchy burning skin that may be residual symptoms from damage to the skin,  It also helps to restore the skin’s delicate moisture balance helping restore the skin once the fungus is gone. This product was made to heal sunburns and is beneficial in healing any residual burning sensation. This is not recommended if there is still any crawling sensations.NOTE* This product has also been discontinued by the manufacturer and there is so far nothing to replace it. If you would like to order it again please read 2015 Newsletter found under UPDATES on my site for suggestions on how to bring it back.



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