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For years Megan has donated her time to help others afflicted with skin mites, and she will continue to do so.

If you've been helped by or Megan Wells, you can give back in the following ways:

  • Post a comment telling others about how Megan and this site have helped you.
  • If you found CedarCide thru this website, please use the order process we provide so Megan is credited with the referral (there is nothing added to the price you will pay). CedarCide has agreed to compensate Megan for her referrals and guidance in the use of their products. Once you order CedarCide and Swiss Formula skin products  you will be eligible for a FREE 30-minutes phone consultation with Megan (this applies only to your first order). If you re-order please go through this website to document all you additionally purchase. (Explained in PRODUCTS) CedarCide will not compensate her if you order directly from them and just mention she sent you. In addition, your purchase information will also be beneficial in adding to the data Megan is compiling on yours and other's cases (no names are disclosed) to convince the medical profession of both a correct diagnosis and solution to this problem.
  • To help her qualify to receive a payment from all the Swiss Formula skin product sales from Megan's referrals we ask all those who order those products to always do so under her distributorship.
  • Contribute to the cause of sustaining and expanding this website by clicking the Donate button and making a gift via Paypal.

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