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Essential Oils

oils_skinmiteThe following oils are the highest quality for the least money that I could find.

There are a few brands equal to these, but the cost is in the $27-37 per ounce range. These are the ONLY brands I recommend now.

Oregano Oil


I recommend the Simpler brand over all the others because it is really strong and other brands I tried did not work. Other cheaper brands sometimes have filler oils that make the fungus even worse and counter any good the oregano could do. I recommend this to mix into the shampoo for the scalp treatment. (from manufacturer it is $47)  Be careful not to get this on your fingers and touch an sensitive skin areas such as eyes or inside of the nose etc.


Peppermint Oil

peppermint oil

I recommend the NOW brand since many other brands are not strong enough to do anything so don't waste your time or money on any other brand. ( BTW Dr Bronners peppermint soap does not work) I recommend this for mixing into the shampoo for the scalp treatment.


Melaleuca Tea Tree Oil T36-C5

tea tree oil

100% Pure Natural Oil

This is the ONLY tee tree oil I recommend becuase it is the strongest and has no filler oils which make the fungus worse. This brand is the best  for the least money. I recommend this to mix into the shampoo for the scalp treatment.

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