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How long will it take for me to get over this?

What I have witnessed is that protocol works like mathematics but how thoroughly you do the required steps is a huge factor. It also depends on how long you and your environment have been infected without doing anything that works to stop it. The reinfection part of this is the biggest factor. The longer you have been suffering, the more there is in your environment to reinfect you. You could get over this in a week if you have just had symptoms for a week. If you have had symptoms for months, then you could still get over this in a week or two IF you are not reinfected by something you are still living with IE person, upholstery, car, etc. If you take time off work and concentrate your efforts and treat EVERY time you feel a symptom immediately, you will get clear faster. Doing the protocol halfway means it may take months to get clear since everytime you feel a symptom and do not treat the fungus is progressing.

What is the difference between this and skin mites?

Skin mites live under the skin, and the mites in this condition are foragers and only come to feed on fungus on the surface of the skin. No skin mites ever showed up in my scrapings or biopsies, nor for anyone else, in the last 11 years, I have been consulting on this. *There have been many scrapies that show positive for an “unidentifiable” fungus. Skin mites are easy to get rid of with standard treatments. Scabies infects the creases of the body and this fungus condition predominately over larger areas like back, chest, arms, etc. Even bird mites and their bites are easy to treat. Most people, including myself, treated for bird mite bites and then scabies as a first attempt which of course does not work. What is sad is that all creams prescribed for those conditions make the fungus worse even if symptoms are subdued for a short while. For myself and most people, the bugs end up crawling into the eyes, ears, and other orifices but not to live; they are just after the fungus that consistently infects the edge of mucous membranes. Both the fungus and the Collembola seek moisture, so the bugs crawl further into orifices attracted to the moisture there but not to live or reproduce.

What is the difference between the bug symptoms and the fungus symptoms?

Bugs do not land and never move again. It is assumed they burrowed into the skin, but this is not what the sensation of something landing on me was. As it turned out, it was my own hairs moving and touching due to inflammation of the hair follicles; something I never felt before. The only true bug symptom is something crawling from point A to point B across your skin. Everything else turned out to be a fungus symptom, IE pinpricking, biting, stinging, tickling, something landing and not moving, tingling, feather brushing, and burning itch.

Do my pets get infected, spread or carry this?

This is a question on the data surveys and intakes I have been collecting for the last 12 years, and I would have to say no correlation from the 1,000’s of answers I have received. From the research of these surveys, the fungus does not infect the pets probably due to the difference of their body chemistry. I do believe the pets are bothered if there are large numbers of Collembola bugs in the house but the Collembola are not after the pet since the bug is not a parasite they are only fungus loving insects after the fungus which so far does not infect pets.

Why don’t others I live with feel anything?

Only those with certain body chemistry are vulnerable to the fungus infecting their skin, so the bugs are not on them. Predominately those who are susceptible are all females, next in line are babies and children and then men over 50. Cases of young men between the age of 19-40 are almost non-existent.

Is this contagious?

YES, it is VERY contagious! From what I have witnessed from my own and everyone else's stories, it is spread through skin to skin contact and infected upholstery, clothing, and linens. What started in California, Texas, and Florida is now in almost every state in the US. I have now consulted with countries all over Europe and Asia. England, Ireland, India, Canada, Australia, Japan, just to name a few. It is what the infected person has been “intimate” with that is likely now infected. Unless this is on your hands, not everything you have touched is infected but what you have sat or laid on or worn most likely is.

Is there a doctor I can see?

Unfortunately no. I have written hundreds of letters even to doctors specializing in GMO caused illnesses. I saw nine doctors myself with no help. No one so far has helped anyone that I know of and nothing anyone has been prescribed internally or topically has worked. I was told that in most cases what was prescribed made the person worse by either weakening their immune system or proliferating the fungus with cream. One specialist told me that I knew the most about this condition; not the answer I was looking for when I was still suffering looking for help.

Does a mite mattress cover work?

NO, a fungus can pass right through this.

Does an air purifier work?

NO, this is not an airborne infestation

Does tenting my house work?

NO, this is a question on my intakes. No pest control company treatments have been effective.

Why do I feel bugs everywhere I go?

Collembola is one of the most common and prolific fungi and mold loving insects in the world. Found in every pile of decaying leaves and also anywhere where a water leak in a structure has caused mold. You would never know these bugs are there in your yard or structure because they are only after a fungus, not humans. They are not a parasite; only a fungus foraging insect with no apparatus to bite or sting. This is the first time in the history of the human race that fungus loving bugs (which can also include fungus flies) have been attracted to a person with a fungus infection. Jocky itch, athletes foot, wring worm, yeast infection, etc have NEVER attracted fungus loving insects although they are all fungus infections. That is why I firmly believe this is a genetically modified fungus.

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