Is this Morgellons disease?

Although we never had "colored' fibers coming out of our skin, most of our other symptoms seemed to match exactly. When I looked at the gallery photos I had taken to load on to the new website I did see fibers in what I had lifted from my skin in those photos. These fibers were transparent unless a cream or something with pigment was applied to show them which is probably why we never noticed them. The skin specimens were in addition to what I had found in my environment which was Collembola. I now believe that the Collembola is attracted to the fibers which are some kind of fungus. I thought it was suspicious that after the Kaiser study on Morgellon's ended the Morgellons Foundation site steady flow of newsletters abruptly ended.

Both houses of Congress approved the FY2008 Labor, HHS, and Education Appropriations Bill including an urgent recommendation by the Senate Committee on Appropriations that CDC study Morgellons Disease as quickly as possible. The bill was vetoed by President Bush the following month. The study was given to Kaiser and the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in Nov 2007. Center for Disease Control and Kaiser did a media presentation on the study Jan 2008. Dec 2008 a letter from CDC was sent out to state medical associations. The 12 month study would have been concluded July 2009... Nov 2009 a status letter was sent out.

You might want to read the case study generated by the Morgellons site. No findings were released and the study was taken away from Kaiser and given to the military. Please see article tying GMO to this disease. No findings have been released to anyone except probably the CDC and military. Maybe too big of liability to those who create GMOs to release the findings….

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