Doctor Helping with internal treatment!

I was recently contacted by a  Collembola victim who was doing my protocol for environment and told me about a doctor who is treating Morgellon's disease who gave her something to take for Collembola. She claims it helped her recover in 2 weeks. Not only that, but she told me she was pregnant and he also treated her 1 yr old baby with no side affects to either of them!  I contacted the doctor asking for more testimonials and was given the contact information of a woman who suffered from Morgellon's for 4 years and did her own research which contributed to this doctor knowing how to treat her and others with the bizarre symptoms including skin itching, fibers,  and lesions. She also concurred that it has been the most powerful internal help she has found and, in fact, the only help she has found.

Please go to CONTACT  button on my home page and email me if you want information about this doctor. I still believe that unless you get your environment treated at the same time, you will be waisting time and money, so do not think that you can live in an infested environment and get over this by taking only an internal treatment. That is like believing you can get over Lyme's disease while living in a tick infested house being bit and re-infected everyday.

 Although there are slight differences between Collembola and Morgellon's symptoms the shared ones (itching, lesions/sores that don't heal, pin-pricking sensations, and what look and feel like bites), are greater and the study of them is  important to understand both their origins. Our lengthy emails and phone conversations  to share and exchange  our separate 4 years each of research in these similar areas has brought us to new realizations. We are both committed to finding the source of these problems plaguing what now appears to be large numbers of the population not just in the US but globally. We will continue to work together to help everyone who is still suffering or who is yet to be attacked. As we find new information I will be sharing that with you through these updates or if you sign up for the newsletter (on the left lower area of the home page) I will send the updates to you as I post them on the site.

 It is believed by all of us that have been researching this that it involves genetically modified hexapods (insects) genetically modified bacteria and genetically modified fungus or that there has been a cross between fungus and bacteria. There is no coincidence that I also came to this conclusion long before I met this Morgellon victim and her group. I will be sharing some of our research in the next update but wanted to get the word out about a doctor to help you.

I also now believe that the fungus/bacteria in the skin can also be spread by sunglasses, reading glasses, jewelry, bracelets, necklaces, etc and items we are not thinking about. If you have something going on around your eyes try soaking your glasses in a sealed jar of rubbing alcohol for and hour or more. If you have something going on on your neck soak your chain or necklace etc.

Also, remember if you fog your car to run the fog through the air conditioner as well, like wise in your house. Don't forget the lint screen in your dryer. Also shoes, especially leather, (which is skin remember) are re-infecting people and so far DTE or fogging does not work. You may try soaking them with 90% rubbing alcohol. Let me know if it works for anyone. We don't wear shoes here in Hawaii so it was not a problem I dealt with.

Lastly, I keep forgetting to tell you all to do some positive healing affirmations. Sometimes when we are suffering for an extended period, our minds get sick with negative thoughts as well. Repeating a healing affirmation is a form of medicine and you can take this one every hour with no cost or side affects. The one I say to myself for all health challenges comes from Self Realization Fellowship:

"God's perfect health permeates my body.  In all my cells His healing light is shining. They are entirely well, for His perfection is in them" PY

May you be blessed with perfect healing.

In Divine Friendship,



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