Does This Protocol Work for Morgellons?

I believe that Collembola has progressive symptoms and Morgellons is just a more advanced form of the Collembola caused infection. That is why I feel that our protocol will help the Morgellons victims as well. I also believe that Morgellons victims are not able to heal because their environment (the source) is not being treated due to denial of many of those working with Morgellons victims. I have actually heard that some people working to help Morgellons victims are charging them $550 for just one consultation. In these consultations victims are told there is no cure and that their environment has nothing to do with their condition. I find this alarming.

Unfortunately, until the environment is cleared of the initial cause, victims will be re-infected indefinitely. I am sure of this because I, and others, have found proof that the cause is a real insect (possible genetically modified). We know now that there are genetically modified fungus, bacteria, and insects contributing to these conditions. It is frustrating to think about the hundreds of people suffering from Morgellons paying to be told information that won't lead to their full recovery since it doesn't even address the cause.

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