Dr Supports my Opinion

Although I've now been told that many of the Morgellons consultants and people working on Morgellons say there are no insects involved, here is the doctor we recommend who is working to cure Morgellons expressing his opinion which confirms my beliefs as well.

"Morgellon's has been a very difficult disease to conquer, because it is strange and it is complex. We have recently had a breakthrough in understanding its complexity. Not only are there mutated (engineered) arthropods such as insects and mites present (morgons), there are also, in many cases, engineered nematodes (e-nematodes), engineered molds (e-molds) and strange fibers which we will call e-fibers. Apparently these engineered infectious agents transfer alien genes from one species to another creating a continuously mutating mix of infectious agents."

Even though this Doctor has no environmental protocols that he prescribes, here he is advising that it is necessary.

"This disease is very complex and requires diligence and patience to overcome. To be successful, strict daily attention to sanitation in the environment and personal hygiene is required."

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