Newsletter #2 Feb 21, 2011

As I write this second newsletter my heart goes out to all of you who are suffering. I know firsthand the unbelievable torture this plague causes. I want to stress once more that you now have access to what works; you need to be 100 percent committed to correct application and procedure. I know it seems impossible but you will not have to do it forever. In fact, experience shows that the more accurate you do the protocol in the beginning the less time you will need to keep on doing it. So many skip things or omit steps I recommend and then complain that what I recommend did not work. Upon careful examination there is usual something that is overlooked; and easy chair that constantly creates activity when sat in but is a favorite the person just could not let go of, expensive leather shoes that can’t be parted with although the user has most symptoms affecting their feet. Papers were the culprit in my case and every time I had to revisit my files for a court case I was in I got re-infected. Many have moved and taken it with them. Many have even tented their houses (against my advice) and still have it.

If you study what part of your house you feel crawling you will know where to focus treating it. If you study what part of your body is most affected, it will also show you where to look for what is re-infecting you and causing the cycle of fungus and bug to continue. You need to become Sherlock Holmes in your own case and study your conditions and what triggers them. What is touching the part of your body being most affected? What is breeding and re-infecting your house with Collembola? A couch or bed you can’t get rid of because it is more valuable than your life? Enough scolding for your own good, now for some new information.

In the previous news letter (please see it in UPDATES section of I went over the latest theories and proof. I have been insisting that there are two components to this for years; one internal and one external.  I have to say I am surprised that some web sites that formerly denied this are taking my information and posting it as their own. I hope it helps more people but it would have been proper for them to at least thank me after scoffing me for so long. We know the external is Collembola since many now have verified this with specimens. This also explains why crawling is felt in other environments other than your own home since Colembola is one of the most prolific of creatures on the planet. It has not been verified yet whether this mite/ hexapod has been intentionally or unintentionally genetically modified. This hexapod or mite is attracted to the fungus it earlier caused or is at least spreading and feeding on. The most pernicious part of this is the fungus which causes tingling in the nerves and intense burning and itching.

The Collembola spits a digestive enzyme on what it going to eat as a pre-digestive measure.  It is possibly this enzyme eating away at the skin that causes the pin-pricking sensation. The biting sensation may also be the fungus breaking through the skin. The Colembola does not have the ability to bite or sting only chew.

Recent discovery by a renowned cancer doctor in Italy has revealed that cancer tumors are a fungus that thrives in an acid chemistry in the body. A person with a health immune system has an alkaline chemistry. Most pathogens that attack humans can only flourish in and acid chemistry in the body. This doctor is treating and curing tumors by injecting them with an alkaline solution that consists only of baking soda. Of course the highly lucrative business of treating cancers other ways is not willing to recognize his documented discovery.

I was told by a Morgellon researcher that a plant fungus that causes tumors in plants was genetically modified and released into the environment in fertilizers. I now believe that the fungus attacks alkaline chemistry people and is a genetically modified plant fungus which seems to thrive on people with a healthy PH which is slightly alkaline.  The diet that some have recommended to lessen the symptoms is an extremely damaging acid diet that leads to cancer and diabetes so I do not recommend it. An alkaline PH from a clean vital non junk food diet is always the best for a strong immune system to fight anything. I do recommend not eating refined sugars IE corn syrup and artificial sweeteners; also nix refined starches like white flour products and pastas since these convert rapidly in the body to sugar as well. We know fungus likes sugar and may trigger this one’s proliferation in the body.

One of my consulting clients with this condition had met a scientist here in Hawaii that had been called in by the State to determine the cause of a disease affecting orchids that did not respond to any poison treatments. The victim shared her story with the scientist and the scientist asked that she send an alcohol wash of an affected area on her body to her for study. When I spoke to this scientist she told me that what was attacking the orchids was a fungus that looked like fibers that she had never seen before. The sample wash from the victim showed IDENTICAL fungus that the scientist saw on the orchids!  This scientist is fearful of her job and has asked her name to not be used. I will connect her with the Professor of Mycology (study of mold and fungus) in NY mentioned in my last newsletter. Since he has laboratories that research fungus they can compare notes.

The next puzzle piece was a youtube video about specimens gathered from chemtrails. This was a frightening thought and hard to believe until I went to a sight  . On this site there are photos of specimens collected from chemtrail droppings. If you go to and compare these photos with what I took out of my own skin on my face they are identical. See Gallery on my site and compare the last picture with this photo on

Recently a doctor found a fungus in a stool sample of one of my consulting clients that “is not normally found in humans”. An Aruvedic doctor in India diagnosed one client with producing some sort of fungus out of her skin. A  blood test that is rare but shows some results is called C4A. The only lab in the US to do the test is Lab I Genetics. I am asking everyone to try to find a lab that can test the fungus samples and Collembola to verify if they are genetically modified. If this is a fungus that is normally attacking plants then  looking into what kills plant fungi may lead to a more precise internal treatment.

Again I ask everyone to get a Collembola specimen from their environment since proof is going to help not only for those around you to believe you but in having something to test once we can find a lab. Instructions for house specimen are at For a skin sample pour some rubbing alcohol over an infected part of your skin into a sealed bottle and see if you can get a lab or doctor to identify what kind of fungus it is. Doing this wash leaves the structure of the fungus intact making identification possible. There is no way to get a good specimen of the bug or fungus if you crush it and that is impossible unless you follow the instructions I recommend. Remember if we can get the fungus identified by anyone with credentials we will be on the way to health insurance companies paying  for this.

There is now an attorney that has won a landmark case for a victim to get coverage. I have copied it here for all to read.

Social Security Disability Income/SSDI

If you are/were disabled from Unexplained Dermopathy A.K.A. Morgellon’s Disease,

there is a national law firm that recently won a landmark case in Ocala, Florida:

John Weil, Esquire of the firm Crowe & Parody, LLC working with Trisha Springstead,

RN on behalf of one of her patients recently won a retroactive settlement that paid

SSDI benefits for years past!

We’d like to thank Judge/Justice Lantz McClain for saying Morgellon’s 4 times in court

– that is progress unacknowledged and mistreated victims have been awaiting, for


Cases may be pursued in each & every U.S. State, Crowe & Parody has set up a


Ask for Yelinda (yo linda) 1-877-261-1947 x 8927

No up-front fee, they take a % IF your case wins.

If you have copies of your medical records, photos of extractions, lesions, sores,

documentation/costs of treatment protocols/things prescribed over the years, call

Yelinda and see what they can do for you.

You must have been employed at the time of disability/good work history prior and

debilitated/unable to work due to ‘Unexplained Dermopathy’ A.K.A. Morgellon’s


*Must have been off work due to Morgellon's for at least one year.*

**PLEASE when calling there, stay calm, she will ask you the questions. No chemtrail

talk or nanobots, please. We want to keep this law firm and do not want to scare

Yelinda away or get them in the middle of a governmental quagmire. We want

justice for sufferers, the more justice we receive for you, the more validation for



Johnson & Johnson  baby powder (get the corn silk version to protect your lungs from talcum)  is a good way to keep an area that has healed from getting infected with the fungus again. It can also be used to keep the sunscreen from rubbing off that I recommend to suffocate the fungus  instead of Gold Bond Powder (see COTZ  sunscreen under PRODUCTS on Baby powder has been used for eons to keep babies from getting rashes that develop in warm moist environments.  Note baby powder DOES NOT get rid of  the condition  but  can  keep skin dry once it is clear which prevents the fungus from returning to an area.

For those being tormented with this in the hair, try cat’s claw tincture and or a drop of oregano oil on your scalp in areas that are localized itching.

I found that the cat’s claw used by itself needs to be applied 2-3 times in each spot at each application for it to be absorbed deep enough into the skin. The cats claw needs to be a potent quality which is why I have put a link to the brand I know works.

Remember, crawling is the bug. Pin-pricking/biting sensation is either the bug’s enzyme or fungus sprouting out or piercing skin from the inside.  The body wash soap  I recommend may do something to neutralize the enzyme since it works to relieve all the symptoms.  Burning/itching is definitely the fungus and can be treated with the cats claw and sunscreen .

Best treatments I found for fungus on skin in order of necessity are:

  1.  Body wash soap 
  2. Cats claw tincture topically-or oregano oil if severe to stop burning itch

  1. Cotz sunscreen to suffocate the fungus .

  1.   SPF 30 sunscreen to protect  your body from a bug infested environment


Pinch instead of scratch. My boyfriend began pinching areas that were itching and now that I look back this may have contributed to his faster recovery. If the fungus spreads by spores scratching may actually increase the spread of it. Pinching may physically kill the fungus under the skin and or in the nerves.

The herbs the Doctor I found and am now referring people to is really helping with the internal symptoms but those who do not treat their environment will be taking these expensive herbs forever since the environment will be re-infecting them daily even if the herbs are healing them.

May God Bless you with the strength and focus to rid yourself of this curse.

My prayers for healing go out to all of you,


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