Newsletter 3

Update March 17, 2011

As I write this newsletter I am encouraged at the success of many of you who have notified me of your progress out of hell. It makes my efforts worthwhile to know the site is making a difference in the lives of so many suffering people.

I have now been convinced to recommend 2 new products.  This is a big deal since my policy is to only recommend what has worked for me and 100’s of others. A recent mite victim who owned a vitamin company just started my protocol and has had great success from using the Swiss Formula bodywash, sunscreen and fogging with Cedarcide. He has suggested a purified refined cat’s claw known as Samento. He told me that a Lyme’s disease victim used it to overcome her condition and that all irritating components have been filtered out of it making it purer and stronger. Since from my own experience I know that cat’s claw worked for me, both topically and internally, I am convinced that a more powerful potency will work even better.

The other plus is that it is CLEAR so staining is not an issue. It is pricey though so maybe reserve it for internal and still use the cheaper one topically.  I have also researched the least expensive source of this refined cat’s claw on the internet since it can range from $47 an ounce to $35. It is only produced by one company but many places are selling it at various prices. (SEE LINK for Samento in OTHER COMMON PRODUCTS) on FOR LEAST EXPENSIVE SOURCE). * Note I research the cheapest place to buy anything I post on my site to save you time and money. If you find a cheaper source please email me so I can link it)

After much thought and research I am beginning to believe that the fungus affecting the nerves and skin may be a PLANT fungus that has mutated or been genetically modified. It is possible that what normally only attacks plants are now attacking humans. This would explain why the products that normally help fungus that attack humans do not work on this.  I asked a respected organic gardener with a degree in plant biology who has studied nontoxic solutions to plant diseases (40 yrs experience) what to use. He told me that a combination of clove oil and cinnamon LEAF oil is what is being used successfully for plant fungus. If this works it will save a tremendous amount of money since the cinnamon oil is really cheap. I checked it out in my local health food store and it was $5 an ounce. It seems to be as strong as the oregano oil but cost so much less. I am asking you to experiment substituting it for the oregano or adding it to the mix that I applied under the COTZ sunscreen (SEE LINK for COTZ and Cinnamon oil ($3.85)  in (OTHER COMMON PRODUCTS) on for least expensive source.

The other product that (1) woman used successfully to clear her car was Menthol crystals. Because burning these crystals is definitely NOT sufficient in clearing a house I have hesitated sharing this. However it might have worked because a car is a very small confined space. The woman told me she dosed the car to the point where it burnt her nostrils. She told me she used a Mr. Coffer Warmer. That is an electric holder for a coffee mug to keep it hot. (You can buy these at Target for around $10 or link to Amazon for $10 here. There is also a link in Other Common PRODUCTS to order it along with the crystals). She filled the coffee mug to the top with the menthol crystals and ran an extension cord to her car. She closed her car up tightly and let it run for 24 hours until all the crystals were dissolved. (You might want to run the fan or furnace/air for a minute to get to the air filters but I’m not sure what this does to your car). She said this cleared her car of everything but warned that it had to be aired out for quite a while before it was bearable/breathable to be in it. It may also repel around computers like the incense and candles but it is not a long term permanent solution since those I talked to who are using it for their homes are not getting rid of the problem.  I have observed that those who have told me about using it are doing it for years. I also do not know how breathing it affects the body so you will have to make up your own mind about it since I have no personal experience with this. The goal of this website is total removal of the problem, not a “make it bearable to live with” plan. I have also researched the best price on this product and posted a link on my site in OTHER COMMON PRODUCTS.

Many who have contacted me for the Dr’s info do not seem to understand that this is caused environmentally. The purpose of this website is to help people not spend more money than necessary and more importantly priceless time doing things that do not work (since you can’t buy back time lost suffering with this for any amount of money). Although the herbs this doctor prescribes do work, they do not get you over this UNLESS you clear the cause which is environment. This is why I am trying to talk to everyone before I send them to protect the Dr’s reputation since you would have to take his prescribed herbs indefinitely which would reflect badly on him if you fail to get the environment cleared. He does not have a protocol for the environment that works or topical skin treatments but this site does. We originally contacted him because all that we had lacking was a way to really help victims with the internal fungus problem. There are many who have only cleared the environment doing my protocol that never went to this Dr and are now over it. I do not know anyone who has gotten over this just doing internal treatment. Those who have done my protocol are firm believers that the cause is environmental. Especially since they have gotten over it and gotten it again and clearly know it was due to a specific exposure in the environment IE a place, clothing, another infected person or something they touched again in their environment that they forgot to treat or treated incorrectly. Initially most people don’t know how they got this, but when you have overcome it and have a relapse; it is obviously traceable to a cause which is ALWAYS environmental. When this happens there is a powerful realization that this can be overcome and also firsthand knowledge that you need to do the protocol totally. It is like a war, but you can win it.

You do have to do it though, since there really is no other way out that is respectful of others. If you leave an infected environment, you are going to pass it to someone else and most likely take it with you. More than anyone, you know how wrong this is since this may be the exact way you got infected; someone did not care about anyone but themselves and due to lack of concern knowingly or unknowingly gave it to you.

I want to mention that the electronic zapper this Doctor is recommending is working really well for the few who made the investment (over $350 ouch). I have not previously recommended it because of the price but the results are coming in really positive.  I just now got another call from a victim who wanted me to know that in 5 days of using it her skin is almost normal after a year of struggling with the internal problem. She did do all the other protocol I suggested however so she would not be re-infected by her environment. I suspected there may be a powerful result using this equipment because the internal problem seems to be tied to and spread through the nervous system which of course is the electrical system of the body.  Dr. Hulda Clark, who specialized in digestive tract parasite elimination, also recommended and sold an electronic zapper along with her treatments.

I just received a shocking letter requiring me to remove from my website the name and pictures of the brand (I can’t even say it here) of the body wash (soap) and SPF 30 sunscreen I have been recommending; one of the greatest discoveries that I found to help. Because of this, the name of the product manufacturer has been replaced throughout my site with the words spf 3 sunscreen and bodywash. This is the same product that I benefitted from along with almost everyone that has tried it.  I just can’t display the name or pictures anymore. The links for where to buy it are still there and active so not to worry.

Also…FINALLY after years of sending customers to them with no compensation, Cedarcide has set up a direct link from my site to theirs so you can now go from my site directly to their online ordering system on their site and I will get credit. (I would appreciate it if you would email me when you do order that way so I can test the system to see if they really record your purchase). They have created a special page with the Collembola Kits and Refills of the products that you will need with a code that recognizes you came from the stopskinmites site.  If you leave that page and order from elsewhere on their site, they will not know you came from my site and it will do nothing to support me. If you re-order Refills I would also appreciate it if you would now do it through the BUY Cedarcide link in the PRODUCTS section of my website. (As a special help to mite victims the prices of the product in these Kits are the cheapest offered on Cedarcide’s website). Cedarcide will now pay me a very small amount for whatever comes from my site. No matter what they tell you when you call them, or how much you insist on them giving me credit, based on the past, they will NEVER give me credit if you call them and order over the phone.  They have never given me credit even with emails from you forwarded to them verifying I sent you. Many of you have called Cedarcide and ordered direct and hurt me by it. Please call my office if you must order over the phone. It does not cost you more but it benefits this site and we have a special person at Cedarcide who processes our orders so we usually get special treatment.

 I am not sure if anyone out there understands that I need to have income to keep doing this. Especially after 2.5 years of no work while I struggled to recover and another 2 years of consulting for free to help others which translates to 4.5 yrs of no income?  By using my links to help support this site you will help me to stay on the job of consulting and helping you and also in maintaining the website and doing my research to find more solutions both financially and physically. Those of you who do not see the justice of supporting me this way but still want and or use me and my site to get help….. well what can I say….. If everyone did this I would not be able to be here to help anyone at all so please help me and this site stay available to help others yet to come.

Remember to not feed the fungus with refined sugars and starches and try to keep areas on the skin affected by fungus DRY. Remember to do healing affirmations and stay away from the negative talk on the internet.

Peace and healing to all of you,


PS  Your emails that you are seeing results and getting well make my day!  Please submit reviews I can post to encourage others. (I only include your initials)

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