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It is my sincerest prayer that this newsletter will reach those of you who are still confused and suffering and that it will bring some light of truth and hope into your life. To those who are well or are feeling benefitted by my site, PLEASE write me and let me know so I can post it without your name ( just initials) so that others will trust the information on my site and find their way out of the hell this thing creates as well. Please care about the others still suffering. I know for most when this is gone they never want to look back, but it is kind to reach back and give some help to those still in need. There are those who can’t afford the fogger so if you have the means you can help one of them as a thank you to me.

I ran across a quote from a skin specialist that supports what I have been saying about the importance of not hurting the immune system of your skin as you eliminate the fungus. This goes far beyond what I was saying and shows the direct correlation between what you do to your skin and a strong immune system overall.

Until the late 1970s, scientists viewed the epidermis (the surface of the skin) as a sheet of essentially dead cells that served as a protective barrier, sort of like a layer of Saran Wrap over the body. “Then in 1979 a team of researchers discovered that the epidermis is a very permeable barrier allowing many substances depending on the size and structure of their molecules to penetrate into the body.” “By the early 1980’s new techniques in biochemistry and molecular biology led to the discovery that the epidermis is actually metabolically active and that it can stimulate responses within the body. Another very significant discovery was that the epidermis plays a major role in providing immune protection not just for the skin but for the entire body. Scientists found that the epidermis contains about half of the immune systems white blood cells or leukocytes –cells that mobilize to fight viruses, bacteria, and cancer. This discovery seems to imply that the skin is responsible for almost half of the body’s defense system. Other epidermal cells melanocytes, keratinocytes, Langerhans cells and Granstein cells- also play vital roles in the body’s immune functions by producing various enzymes and hormones. Keratinocytes produce a hormone that enhances the growth of T cells (immune cells) and they also synthesize a substance that stimulates immune-system response. It follows, then that overall body health as well as how we age is directly related to skin health.”(Quote from Zia Wesley-Hosford)

You can see that the use of poison, creams, and chemicals being used to try to deal with this skin problem has damaged people’s immune systems. Because 80% of those I have consulted with were strong and healthy prior to getting the collembola/plant fungus infection, or what some call morgellons, I believe the subsequent destruction of their overall immune system is directly caused by damaging treatments, either tried or prescribed.

I understood this in my own attempts to heal and realized that no long lasting result would come from the apparent quick fix but long term devastation of toxic drugs and chemicals. All they do is fix it in the moment and leave you open to a worse case and additional problems down the road.

One of the things I have not suggested due to cost but need to talk about is the AromaSpa that is listed in PRODUCTS on my site. It is a movable steam capsule you can plug into the wall with no plumbing that allows you to use essential oils in the steam. Steam sterilizes surfaces (skin) and essential oils we know have a strengthening affect on the immune system (FYI –Hippocrates, AKA the father of medicine- prescribed essential oils in steam baths as his number 1 cure for all conditions). Raising the internal temperature of the body kills off many harmful pathogens which is why the body creates a fever in times of need. NOTE* Most medical practitioners counter the body’s attempts to save itself by interfering. They seem ignorant of the fact that since the body can carry out over 30 trillion functions simultaneously, it is far more intelligent than the most well educated person. Denying the intelligence innate in the body is the downfall of modern medicine. The other fallacy embraced is that the body does not want to heal; another totally wrong assumption since every cell is programmed to survive at all costs. The body never does anything not in its best interest; only the ungoverned mind overriding the body causes any kind of self damage.

Because it is over $2,000 I have not recommended the Aroma Spa although I put the link on my site. I now realize that many can afford it and if so they should get one. It is an investment that will save you from all sorts of disease for the rest of your life since steam baths with essential oils is a STRONG support to the immune system in general. I have had one for over 20 years and would sell my car before selling it. It saved me many times from getting sick and also helped me with injuries over the years.

The good news is that the company that sells AromaSpas now has less expensive steam units that can convert any shower to a steam bath if they can be sealed up. I see they have other units that are not as expensive as well. Call them and see what they can do to help you. Please send me an email and let me know what they tell you. Let me make sure what you are planning on purchasing gets hot enough, since that is critical for this condition. Besides raising your temperature, a steam bath triggers whatever is going to sprout out of your skin to do it there where you can kill it at ounce by scrubbing with the body wash (recommended on my site) using the nylon wash cloth (also recommended and linked). Kind of like a preemptive strike. You need to take a steam daily for awhile but you cannot help but be better every day since it strengthens your immune system while allowing you to kill the fungus before it spreads. I do not recommend public steams and saunas for obvious reasons. When you know how much you have suffered how could you possibly feel OK about spreading this thing to other unsuspecting and unguarded victims. Although we know the collembola and spores seem to be able to withstand extreme temperatures I believe the fungus in the body can’t.

When your system is extremely toxic high temperatures are hard to take, but as you slowly detox by cleaning up your diet and other things you’re feeding your body (through the air and your skin) you will be more comfortable in the high heat of the steam bath. When you are beginning, you need to get in and start with it just warming up and stay in for 20 minutes. When you are less toxic, you can heat it all the way up and then get in and stay for just over 10 minutes on high to get results. Of course with serious heart and circulation conditions you will need to consult with your doctor first.

I also suggest that you get my book DON’T POLLUTE YOUR OWN STREAM available as a download for only $6.5 on or as a printed version for $12.95 on or This is a distillation of my 44+ yrs of consulting on health and only takes about 1.5 hrs to read. The wisdom in this simple book will empower you to take care of your own health for the rest of your life.

The internet is full of misinformation and what I call toxic mental food. Calling yourself a "Morgie" is self condemning. Be careful. To affirm your identity as a sick person is a self fulfilling prophecy. Against all contrary evidence you must continue to affirm that you are healthy and strong.  Deepok Chopra tells a story about a group trapped in a collapsed coal mine. There were members of the group who had the expertise to calculate the exact time the oxygen would run out and they would die. One man had a watch and decided to tell the rest that the time they had left was more than what was really true. They all survived but the man with the watch. His belief in the facts caused his death while the minds of the others saved them beyond any scientific explanation. The mind is the master and picturing what you fear is the most ignorant thing you can use your mind for. Another example that shows this was a Quantum physics experiment.  Scientists watching an experiment influenced the results. When viewing the minutest building blocks of the physical world some scientists believed these were waves and some believed they were particles. The amazing thing was that when the scientist watching the experiment believed they were waves they became waves and when a scientist believed they were particles they took the form of a particle. The minds of the scientists actually had a part in forming the structure of the matter in the experiment! I know that this may be hard to grasp but its implications are profound especially when it comes to your own healing. Use your mind by directing it toward the desired end result instead of allowing your mind to use you for your own detriment. You would feel disadvantaged not have control over your body, but you need to take it further and gain control over your mind.

I apologize that I have not had the help to get the new cinnamon leaf essential oil I recommended in the last news letter up on my web site. It costs only $3-4 an ounce as opposed to oregano oil at $14.50 an ounce. I think it may be as effective as and less damaging than the oregano oil. I would suggest you use the brand Aura Cacia since that seems to have really clean and strong oils. Please let me know how it is working for you. Remember some of the cheaper brand oils may have fillers of other oils and oils make the fungus worse so would be counterproductive. The brands I recommend do not have added oils.

I listed brands because on many items I tried 10 different ones and the one that worked best or at all is what is on my site. Take advantage of my suffering and learning and just buy the one that works. I also shopped and linked the cheapest source for you. If you find anything for less let me know.

The other thing I wanted to mention is please, for your own sake; do not get innovative with the protocol. So many of you have decided to try things I tried that don’t work and to combine (dear God) things with my protocol that either hurt you or ruin the results you can achieve if you follow what I suggest to the letter. More is not always better and mixing things sometimes actually naturalizes the benefits. The other thing I hear quite often is folks taking an unbelievable amount of things (supplements) internally. Again your immune system does best on the simplest diet and being limited to being subjected to simple substances as opposed to complex and complicated. Just think of your immune system as over worked employees who need less complex things added to their list of what to deal with. If you are taking the herbs from the DR I recommend do not take anything else internally except the digestive enzymes which are basically a food derived enzyme. The more you give your body to do by taking things the more tired and over worked it will become. Simplify your life, your food, and what you subject your body to. BTW I tried the best Colloidal Silver (made for me) and it did not work. I also bought the book by the D-stress Dr advertising Curing the Itch Within and do not recommend that either so don’t waste your time and money on these.

I have done some research on the plant fungus that has been identified. This is about bio control experiments on that fungus:

Triacetin also known as glyceryl triacetate, functions as a

cosmetic biocide, and the presence of 1,2-glyceryl diesters

in triacetin affect cell growth and proliferation (Fiume and

Cosmetic Ingedient Review Expert Panel, 2003). Cosmetic

biocides are antibiotics produced by microorganisms and

used as an ingredient in cosmetics for humans, in foot

creams and in facial products.(maybe why the Swiss formula products work)

Our results suggest that two applications of

PA-23 induced resistance against S. sclerotiorum infection.

PR proteins, chitinase and b-1,3-glucanase inhibits fungal

pathogens (Mauch et al., 1988).

If anyone knows a plant pathologist or who has a contact with someone in this field please have them contact me to discuss the above findings. As most of you have found out the Medical professionals are not helping but researchers in colleges are. If you have any contacts go to them and ask for assistance with laboratory work and research.

Keep the faith. Great progress is being made. Read the WHAT PEOPLE SAY to be encouraged that this will work for you too.

Peace and prayers to you,


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