Newsletter October 20, 2011

I have to apologize for missing so many months, but I had to go back to selling real estate full time to try to dig myself out of debt.

After many requests I am including a brief description of the protocol at the end of this news letter that you can print out and follow. I am also working on a book to download and a DVD of me explaining the process on a video for those of you who just do not want to read anything. It will take some time and money to make it available on the web site but it is a goal now. If you want to make a donation to this cause please use the Donate with PayPal button on my site or email me.

I have now consulted with people from all over the world; England, India, Canada, China, Australia, Hungary; which means this has spread all over the world.

I have a few reminders that I seem to repeat over and over to folks I consult with: I have added researched links (in blue) of examples and least expensive sources so click on the links if you want to see what I am talking about or you need the item.

1. Remember to completely rinse out your nylon wash cloth and let it dry thoroughly in between uses with the  body wash. If you have not bought one, they are invaluable and last for years. Hygienically you will never go back to any other type of wash cloth after using one. It also allows you to more easily reach your entire back.

2 If you are suffering with symptoms on your scalp try Aveda (brand) Shampure shampoo. I believe it was the reason I never got anything on my scalp so must have some preventative ingredients. It has strong essential oils in it and has a strong smell which may have worked as a repellent. Your shampoo or conditioner may make your symptoms worse if they contain oils and moisturizers. If your scalp is already infected, mix in some or all the following essential oils into the Aveda shampoo and leave it on a few minutes or until all activity stops: cinnamon leaf oil and or oregano oil  (these 2 oils are really strong so try a small amount and work your way up with how much you need to use first), peppermint oil, Melaleuca oil. Be sure to get these brands. Do not substitute other brands since in some cases I tried 5 or 6 kinds that did nothing and will save you the time and money of not repeating my mistakes. Many brands use filler oils to make more money and those will just nourish the fungus.

3. I have been told by one victim that a safe product for face eyes and ears was used successfully and when I checked it out it does seem to be made without dangerous chemicals. It is a product used to treat horse eye infections called Vetericyn. It has been tested for safety on humans. They also make a Vetericyn ear wash.

4. The best way to heal the skin fungus is still the basic products I suggest.  BodyWash is a big key since it does not strip your skins protection from more invaders. You can also use it as an overnight treatment once in a while but not combined with any other treatment. Just reapply it after bathing and drying off. Apply a coating with your hand and a little water to dry skin and then let it dry and leave it on overnight. It will suffocate the fungus on surface areas. One victim told me she cleared up with just the Swiss Formula products and by the time her Cotz and Cats claw came she did not need them. (Please use my links to buy products. I only get a dollar or less but every dollar helps with my research). If you have a deep infection only using the Swiss Formula products is not enough. You need to use the Cats claw I recommend and either just corn silk baby powder over that or the Cotz over it and then powder. Remember not to use talcum powder since breathing it can hurt your lungs. The brand I recommend of Cats claw has hydrochloric acid in it which may be the reason that just that one brand works. May not be a coincidence that the digestive enzyme works that is also hydrochloric acid also is beneficial internally. The stains that the Cotz makes can be easily removed on dry cloth with Oil Eater car degreaser. Just spray it on and the stain rinses out in cold water as if it is just a powder. Remember not to scrub areas that have lesions even though you might be tempted to do it as a way to scratch and get relief. If the skin is broken open anytime during the healing process the fungus can get a bigger hold so don’t do it. If you get the fungus to the point of it scabbing do not at any cost damage the scab. If you can keep it dry it is actually better than washing it and washing off the Cats claw and Cotz. (Not washing only applies only if your crawling is gone so you do not need to wash to get rid of the bug) For as long as you can, do not wash the area and try to keep it really dry. You might consider drying affected areas with a hot hair dryer. Do one area at a time and be sure the skin is really dry and then powder it or then put Cotz over it. You will then be sealing out moisture instead of in. Re-treat it with Cats claw if it itches (instead of washing) as often as you can. Powder over the Cat’s claw once the cat’s claw seems to have been absorbed into the skin as much as it is going to. Powder works to keep it on longer and keeps the area dried out. I am convinced that corn silk baby powder’s ability to keep the skin dry is a huge benefit since dryness is opposite of the environment the fungus likes. Powdering areas that are not yet affected to protect them is a safe bet along with treating cleared areas for prevention from re-infection. Placing dehumidifiers in your home may also work to rid fungus but not bugs.

I discovered the key ingredient in the brand of Cats claw I found that worked because horrors upon horrors my 2 ½ yr old grandbaby came to visit recently from LA and had a full blown case of this. She had 50 lesions all over her legs and bottom. My daughter told me she had been itching and suffering mostly at night for 6 weeks. She had taken her to lots of doctors who told them she had an allergic reaction to mosquito bites. UGH! They had the baby on anti allergic drugs and cortisone creams which of course did nothing but hurt the baby’s immune system. I washed all their clothing in PCO, sprayed their suitcase with 91 % alcohol and started diligently treating the baby. I washed her morning and night with the body wash and applied Cats claw multiple times until I was sure that it had been thoroughly absorbed where the lesions were. I mean I dosed them with extreme amounts of the tincture 4 -5 times each time I treated her. I then put a layer of Cotz on her spots and then powdered them with baby powder. I watched her closely and if she began to itch somewhere I immediately treated that area again with Cats claw then Cotz and powder. I did this all day long. She was better in one day with many lesions drying up and scabbing for the first time in the 6 weeks she had been suffering.

My daughter wanted to just double check that it wasn’t something else so she took the baby to Kaiser. I was with them and when the Dr looked at the baby he asked about what we were using. I told him and he studied the bottle and then said he was going to recommend it to his patients because it had worked so well and quickly! He pointed out that it had hydrochloric acid in it and suggested it had an additional benefit to the Cats claw working so well. He did not know what she had but praised the job I had done to get her well. Unusual for a doctor to have such an open mind but as usual was no help in diagnosing or treatment.

By the 7th day of treating the baby was clear. I have checked and she has had no further symptoms since she left to go back to LA. It looked like it started on the back of her calves like she sat on a chair that had the fungus. I was relieved to hear that her house was not where she got it but they do not know where. Not sure if they ever had the crawling since my daughter felt nothing and never did get it even though because she is still nursing the baby sleeps next to her.

  • The baby was also being given a homeopathic remedy called Resolve Damp Heat. It is a Chinese medicine remedy I think. The other treatment that no one has tired and I believe will be beneficial is acupuncture. I would hope that the person would be bathed and coated with the sunscreen before going however, to prevent infecting the practitioner or their place of business. You must be honest and explain the skin condition is a fungus before going. I know that the fungus is infecting the nervous system and Acupuncture is the treatment of the nerves. They can also hook up an electrical current that they run between the needles which may be able to clear the fungus in the affected nerves. Some of the symptoms are similar to Herpes since that also affects the nerves and nerve endings open into a lesion. Diet plays a key role in herpes outbreaks although they are opposite since this seems to be triggered by an extreme in alkalinity and herpes breaks out in an over acid chemistry. I have also understood why the electric zapper works since it also affects the nervous system where the problem is. That is expensive but those who have purchased it from the Dr I recommended swear by it.
  • One client has told me that she was over this quickly just using the Arbonne products and an internal treatment she had left from dealing with mold. (Her environment was not as infected since she was already aware of how to decrease mold/fungus.) I certainly believe this is similar to reacting to a “sick” house so it is worth trying it. It is called Toxic Fungi- Mold Nosode I have linked it here for you to try. Please let me know if you find it helps you the way it did her.



Learn to differentiate between the crawling ( bug) and the rest of the fungus symptoms; itching tingling, burning, brushing, pin pricking, stinging/biting sensation. As long as you have crawling getting over this is impossible. You must get rid of the Collembola infestation to get well.

DTE only works on adult Collembola (not spores or fungus) so is far less important than fogging even when it comes to carpet.

Fog your house daily with Cedar product for 1st week (I believe the fog also kills fungus and spores)  NOTE * Burning Cedar was used to purify houses making them livable during the plague in the middle ages.

Remember that the fog will set off smoke alarms

Open up all cupboards drawers and closets. Fogging clothes you have infected does nothing.

Start at farthest room from where you will exit and immediately shut the doors on rooms once fogged. Fill the bottom half of the room and then fill in the ceiling.

Only fog each room until you can’t see across it. The moisture in the air makes different amounts required to do the job. More moister requires less product to saturate the air. If large puddles are found on the floor after fogging you are fogging rooms too long and just wasting product.

Don’t waste fogging product by spraying anything.

Fog your vehicle if affected

Immediately spot fog any areas you feel crawling even after whole house fogging

Burn scented candles or incense near your computer until you get the Cedar product to fog

Spray 91% rubbing alcohol on all non cloth objects that touch your affected parts (beware glasses lenses may be damaged wipe off quickly or avoid spraying lenses) You can also soak them in PCO laundry mixture. Keep some mixture in a covered Qt jar where you can soak glasses before wearing them.

Get rid of any upholstery that may be infected with the collembolan or fungus

Replace infected bed with safe blow up mattress

Realize that wiping surfaces does nothing. The problem is airborne and I believe it involves fungal spores as well as collembola bugs.


Replace bath towels with small thin white ones so you can bleach treat and do less loads

Replace colored sheets with white ones so you can bleach treat

1 hr Clorox bleach soak whites (1cup for large load)

For colors, tub soak multiple loads in cold water reusing the PCO solution. Make strong enough so water looks like diluted milk. Will work until smell is too weak.

Launder normally after soaks.

Bag all clean and  immediately bag soiled laundry in marked trash bags

Wear high gloves to place soiled clothing into soaks

Use Oil Eater Degreaser to easily remove stains from Cotz sunscreen. Spray on dry clothing and rinse with  cold water


Wash face with Arbonne soap, dry and apply spf 58 Cotz (do not use the spf 30 sunscreen for the face) and leave Cotz on day and night until clear


Wash eyes with No More Tears Baby Shampoo using short fingernail to scrub lashes. Use Stye ointment or Visine drops Be sure and treat glasses after each use. Try Vetericyn product for eyes. Be sure to treat glasses by soaking in the PCO laundry mixture in a glass jar with a lid or spray with rubbing alcohol but wipe lenses immediately since alcohol seems to damage acrylic lenses.

Nose and Ears

Try Cats claw on a Q-tip. Allow the alcohol to evaporate out or dilute it for nose. Use COTZ in your nose. Use Melalueca oil in your ears. Vetericyn has an ear wash too.


Get a plastic scalp shampoo massager. Mix the following essential oils into Aveda Shampure shampoo. Simpler oregano, Melaleuca or other strong and undiluted tee tree oil, Aura Cacia Cinnamon oil, Now Peppermint oil. Start with just the oregano and peppermint and add others if results are not immediate. Start with small amount of shampoo and oils to test strength to get results. Scrub your scalp with the plastic shampooer while shampooing. ALWAYS dry your hair and scalp using a hair dryer to be sure skin on your scalp does not remain damp.  Do not use any conditioners that have oils or moisturizer. Use a spray on detangler after drying if necessary. Treat all brushes and combs, head bands, hats, etc with 91% +rubbing alcohol after each contact. Get a simple spray top off any cleaning product and screw it right on the alcohol bottle.

Buy a new pillow and seal it with duck tape in a trash bag before you put it in a treated pillow case and use it the first time. No worries after that.

Treat the head rest in your car by spraying 91 % rubbing alcohol. Treat hats and hat rims.  Be aware of what your head is touching and be sure it is treated after contact.


Try not to take hot showers. Use luke-warm or cool since heat triggers fungus. DO NOT TAKE ANY BATHS.  Do not use any oils or creams. (other than the  sunscreen if you must have a moisturizer but not on face since it burns your eyes) Buy a nylon wash cloth so it will not be infected like cloth and you can easily reach your back. Rinse and shake it out and dry it after each use. Apply thebody wash to the wet soaked nylon cloth. Add BodyWash to cloth and work up as much lather as possible. Apply to your skin. Leave on until no activity is felt. Add more bodywash to areas that react until they stop. Rinse thoroughly. If you still have crawling use the spf 30 sunscreen on your body to keep the bugs off. If you have just the fungus and no crawling symptoms, try drying your skin with a hair dryer and then use the baby powder on all areas that do not require the Cats claw treatment. Any areas that have lesions or intense itching treat with Cats claw as many times as you can to get it to soak deeply into your skin before adding the Cotz over them and powdering. If you do not have Cotz at least baby powder over the Cats claw to keep it on. In emergency you can reapply the BodyWash by wetting hands and applying it to dry skin and leaving it on overnight. This is not made for this so long term use this way is not advisable. (Do not combine leaving this on with any other treatment)

Do not wear anything more than once. Get white undershirts or bleachable night clothing. Soak/ treat sheets once a week and spot fog between sheets nightly if your bed is a problem after getting a blow up bed.  NOTE *No amount of encasing works to prevent re-infection from an infected  mattress. It would need to be air tight and then if you ever opened it up you would re-infect your house. Put it in the land fill so this plague does not spread. Remember to spray purse straps, back pack straps (if you can’t soak it), and seat belts etc with 91% rubbing alcohol.


Saturate feet with Cats claw, let soak in and then cover with Cotz and baby powder. Put plastic bags over your socks before you wear anything questionable that has not been soaked/treated. Get tennis shoes that you can soak in PCO and dry in a dryer. All leather is suspect since it is SKIN. You can attempt to soak them in 91% rubbing alcohol but remember it may have gone deep into the leather/skin and may continually  re-infect your feet.


Cut out all refined sugars and starches. Keep your PH neutral; too alkaline seems to feed the fungus.  Find alkaline acid charts online. Too acidic will destroy your immune system and will give you cancer and a host of other ills. Do not mix all kinds of internal things thinking you are strengthening your immune system. Giving your immune system less to deal with is what strengthens it.  ( Download my short book Don’t Pollute Your Own Stream to know how to quickly strengthen your immune system)Take the digestive enzymes I suggested with all your meals ; never on an empty stomach. Take Cats claw internally OR try oil of oregano, 10 drops three times daily is what I was told one person took with success Note* Oil of Oregano I recommend on this link is a superior product and you can’t take most oregano internally. You also do not want to use this one topically though since it has olive oil in it and will therefore make your skin worse.

  1. It is a wild spice and not farm-raised
  2. It is a proven edible species of oregano.
  1. It is a high-carvacrol species.
  2. It has been used in modern research at world-renowned institutions like Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.
  3. It is extracted in a natural process.
  4. It is free of all chemical/pesticide residues
  5. It is relatively low in thymol, i.e. less than 5%

Note: to use oil of oregano internally the product must meet all seven of the above criteria.

Take Mold/Fungus Tincture (10 drops 3 x a day). Once your environment is clear, as in the case of mold, your symptoms will go away more quickly than if you are being made sick by your environment.  I am almost convinced that my problem came with my new laminate flooring that had a strange brown powder covering it (spores?) I was told by the flooring company that it came from a warehouse in New Orleans during the time of flooding there. I was fine until the floor was installed but my daughter may have also brought it to my house when she helped  install it.

See article on sick houses symptoms since this mycologist agrees this is environmentally caused and cured

Tests for a doctor to perform to see if you have a fungus infections. Copy this paragraph and give it to your Doctor if you still have one you can trust who cares….

Your immune system typically responds with elevated IgE and IgG titers and other antibodies in both salvia and blood when exposed to members of the genus Aspergillus and Penicillium, both are a common allergenic fungal mold group. Skin prick tests (SPT) and Enzyme Linked Immuno-Sorbent Assays (ELISA) will help to determine your mold and other sensitivities (allergens) and exposure to clinically relevant fungi or mold. There are other tests, markers and indicators of exposure and infection including the use of a fungal mold PCR panel, blood serum (plasma) analysis that your physician, allergist or immunologist will screen you for and may order such tests and others if such indicators of exposure or illness are present. Medical doctors must also be mindful that some tests that indicate false or irrelevant positives. "

Here is a small portion of the interview from the link above with the mycologist ( fungus specialist) I mentioned in one of my first newsletters. He has kindly spent hours discussing these symptoms and theories on the phone with me and has indicated that next year he is publishing a paper on this very condition. He has also requested that I organize a seminar/meeting here in Hawaii of all the scientists and researchers who are studying related topics so they can all compare notes so to speak. I do not currently have the time or money to do that, but any that have an interest helping financially or in any way with that project please contact me.

Here is part of his interview….

What are the symptoms of mold exposure? "Depends on many factors. Your personal health status such as the pregnancy mentioned, the amount of mold, duration of exposure and the species of mold you are being exposed to is very critical. Chronic fatigue syndrome is commonly associated with toxic fungi. There is also a long list of exposure symptoms of which allergic bronchopulmonary responses are common and immediate type one responses with watery eyes, coughing and sneezing often upon the mere entry into a room with mold present. Long term symptoms may include, pyrexia (fever), peritonitis (stomach pain), lymphadenopathy and melioidosis (swollen lymphs or glands), headache, chills, sleep disturbance, cutaneous (skin) lesions, sinusitis, itching, and more. Mold fungi exposure is a major factor in respiratory diseases such as cystic fibrosis, bronchiectasis and atelectasis. Other times humans experience a delayed type two response six or more hours then have resulting flu like symptoms that may last for weeks. Then there are other exposures that result in asymptomatic responses - you will have to attend one of my lectures. If your physician believes you have been exposed they may order or perform immunological tests or require serum samples to be sent to a laboratory that will tell if you have had any significant mold exposure to toxins."

I have recently been directed to a couple of sites that are also trying to help victims. Coming from a background as a health consultant for over 40 yrs I am always concerned with treatments that hurt the long term health of a person. This usually involves fixing one problem but creating multiple problems in its place usually more serious than the first complaint. Most allopathic medicine in the US is based upon the premise that the innate and infinite intelligence governing the body is inadequate and even ignorant unless it is somehow directed by the outside superior medical mind of a limited human being. In my last news letter I warned that the skin is the largest organ in the body. It does everything from breathe, absorb, eliminate, respond and react in its own preservation and defense. Pretty much everything you do it does only by a perfectly guided intelligence. Consider that the body is doing something like 30 trillion things at once just to keep you alive. Your own intelligence is not capable of this. There are many things that damage the immune system that are forced on the body in the name of healing. When you are trying to help a person you would never believe that you need to damage them to do it. This is true of your own body as well. Most Dr’s know very little about how to strengthen the immune system and know even less about lightening the load that it does as a way to strengthen it. The skin’s immune system has everything to do with the whole body’s immune system. (See last news letter under UPDATES on my site) If you damage your skin with toxic substances and strip its protection away (with harsh soaps) it is illogical to believe that it can have long term good affects. That is why there are very few things I suggest because more is not better when it comes to health. Less is always better since it is less interference for the body to deal with and it is already doing its job with an intelligence way beyond your minds comprehension. In fact most of the time it is functioning in spite of all you do to it that gets in the way of its job trying to keep you alive and strong. When I look at the ingredients of products being recommended I am horrified. Remember you are eating this product when you put it on your skin and totally affecting you immune system. Here is a product being sold and what is in it. Ingredients are listing in order of quantity.

MorgoneTM Debriding Agent WARNING: No science behind this

Ingredients: Purified water, Propylene glycol, MSM (menthyl sulfonyl methane), Glycerine, Aloe vera, Caffeine, Carbopol 940, Triethanolamine 99, Methyl Salicylate, Poly Ethylene Glycol 8000 and Zinc Sulfate.

Propylene Glycol

A cosmetic form of mineral oil found in automatic brake and hydraulic fluid and industrial antifreeze. In the skin and hair, propylene glycol works as a humescent, which causes retention of moisture content of skin or cosmetic products by preventing the escape of moisture or water. The Material Safety Data Sheet warns users to avoid skin contact with propylene glycol as this strong skin irritant can cause liver abnormalities and kidney damage.

Known health effects.

Eye irritation, skin irritation, skin drying, defatting. Ingestion has serious health effects similar to above.

MorgoneTM Debriding Agent WARNING: No science behind this Ingredients: Purified water, Propylene glycol, MSM (menthyl sulfonyl methane), Glycerine, Aloe vera, Caffeine, Carbopol 940, Triethanolamine 99, Methyl Salicylate, Poly Ethylene Glycol 8000 and Zinc Sulfate.

“NOTE*this is one of the products I recommend to cause essential oils to penetrate the skin deeper if necessary it does nothing on its own to address the condition. This is so far the only safe ingredient in this synthetic chemical concoction but is only a carrier, Megan”

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is an organosulfur compound with the formula (CH3)2SO2. It is also known by several other names including DMSO2, methyl sulfone, and dimethyl sulfone.[1] This colorless solid features the sulfonyl functional group and is considered relatively inert chemically. It occurs naturally in some primitive plants and is present in small amounts in many foods and beverages and it is marketed as a dietary supplement.

  • MorgoneTM Debriding Agent WARNING: No science behind this Ingredients: Purified water, Propylene glycol, MSM (menthyl sulfonyl methane), Glycerine, Aloe vera, Caffeine, Carbopol 940, Triethanolamine 99, Methyl Salicylate, Poly Ethylene Glycol 8000 and Zinc Sulfate.



INCI NAME (if applicable):



The ingredient identified in this TSE-GMO Certificate has been prepared solely from synthetic material. It does not contain, and is not derived from, any material of plant or animal origin Would you eat something this synthetic?

MorgoneTM Debriding Agent WARNING: No science behind this Ingredients: Purified water, Propylene glycol, MSM (menthyl sulfonyl methane), Glycerine, Aloe vera, Caffeine, Carbopol 940, Triethanolamine 99, Methyl Salicylate, Poly Ethylene Glycol 8000 and Zinc Sulfate.

Product Name: Triethanolamine (TEA) TEA 99% (a tertiary amine used to react with acidic compounds to form salts) is also
offered as TEA Commercial, TEA Commercial LFG, and TEA 99 LFG grades and is used in a wide variety of applications, primarily the following:

Detergents/Cleaners/Fabric Softeners
Gas Treating
Personal Care Products
Photographic Chemicals
Urethane Foams

MorgoneTM Debriding Agent WARNING: No science behind this Ingredients: Purified water, Propylene glycol, MSM (menthyl sulfonyl methane), Glycerine, Aloe vera, Caffeine, Carbopol 940, Triethanolamine 99, Methyl Salicylate, Poly Ethylene Glycol 8000 and Zinc Sulfate.


Commercial methyl salicylate is now synthesized, but in the past, it was commonly distilled from the twigs of Sweet Birch (Betula lenta) and Eastern Teaberry (Gaultheria procumbens).

Methyl salicylate is used as a rubefacient in deep heating liniments (such as Bengay ointment), and in small amounts as a flavoring agent at no more than 0.04%.[3] It is also used to provide fragrance to various products and as an odor-masking agent for some organophosphate pesticides. If applied in too high quantities it can cause stomach and kidney problems.[4]

MorgoneTM Debriding Agent WARNING: No science behind this Ingredients: Purified water, Propylene glycol, MSM (menthyl sulfonyl methane), Glycerine, Aloe vera, Caffeine, Carbopol 940, Triethanolamine 99, Methyl Salicylate, Poly Ethylene Glycol 8000 and Zinc Sulfate.


Polyethylene or polythene (IUPAC name polyethene or poly(methylene)) is the most widely used plastic, with an annual production of approximately 80 million metric tons.[1] Its primary use is within packaging (plastic bag, plastic films, geomembranes, etc.).

MorgoneTM Debriding Agent WARNING: No science behind this Ingredients: Purified water, Propylene glycol, MSM (menthyl sulfonyl methane), Glycerine, Aloe vera, Caffeine, Carbopol 940, Triethanolamine 99, Methyl Salicylate, Poly Ethylene Glycol 8000 and Zinc Sulfate.

Polyethylene glycol

Wikipedia Description Ethylene copolymers

In addition to copolymerization with alpha-olefins, ethylene can also be copolymerized with a wide range of other monomers and ionic composition that creates ionized free radicals. Common examples include vinyl acetate (the resulting product is ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer, or EVA, widely used in athletic-shoe sole foams) and a variety of acrylates. Applications of acrylic copolymer include packaging and sporting goods, and superplasticizer, used for cement


As you can see from this it is really just a chemical stew. I do not recommend symptom relief as a long term solution and I believe that you could just use DMSO and Bengay and get what you are getting here. Of course we all have tried Bengay and it does nothing to get rid of the problem at all.

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