Newsletter December 2013

Newsletter December 2013

First I want to thank those of you who have written me expressing your appreciation for being helped by my site. It makes my sacrifice of time and money to keep this going worth doing. When you are relieved I feel relieved. I have recently (as of this month) updated and simplified the protocol found on the Treatments for Collembola page.  Even though there is other valuable information found in previous newsletters, please disregard all previous suggestions found in the older newsletters and follow the Protocol currently found under Treatments for Collembola. Do not use anything not mentioned in the current treatment protocol since I have streamlined and eliminated the products not absolutely necessary so that victims will focus on just what works the fastest and costs the least.  Products for fogging and clothing treatments found there are still the first step and are essential for any progress. These have been confirmed over and over as working quickly as reported back to me from victims on a daily basis. Next most helpful is the bodywash which continues to bring amazing email praises. Topically, the Cats Claw and Cotz and baby powder treatments continue to show the best results topically even on advanced cases where victims have had unhealed lesions for years.

One victim who convinced a dermatologist that she did not have scabies and was not delusional was told she had a condition known as folliculitus but she was also told the crawling sensation was from her hair follicles rubbing against clothing and not from a bug. Of course this diagnosis did not explain the crawling on this victims face or scalp where no clothing is there to rub (her main symptoms) so that was my first indication that yet another dermatologist was wrong. I did a Google search on folliculitis and found it is, as it turns out, just a fancy medical term for skin infection of the hair follicles but then I realized that knowing this terminology might be advantageous when it comes to dealing with a dermatologist.

One of the only symptoms folliculitus does not cover is the crawling which we know is related to Collembola and other microscopic fungus loving insects that may be attracted to the areas infected with the skin fungus.  No matter what anyone says, based on so many victims (including myself) getting positive ID of bug specimens in the environment (but not on or in the skin), we know that Collembola is involved.  I have been saying for years now though that the fungus, not a bug, is the initial cause. The bugs are incidental but I know from experience and feed-back from others the bugs are spreading the fungus once they come in contact with it on an infected person and are the source of the crawling sensation.  We also know that this is an epidemic, so the common reasons people would normally get folliculitis do not logically apply to this. Most common cases are caused by bacteria which is not true in this case since no fungus loving insects would be attracted if it were a bacteria. Also this is most likely spread from spores in the air or by physical contact and not from the common causes stated in the article I have posted later in this newsletter which mostly address bacterial causes. The causes listed in the article would NEVER trigger a widespread epidemic in almost every state in the US and now in so many countries where victims have contacted me. (IE China, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Canada, UK, Ireland, Hungary, India). Recently I was told by a victim that his dermatologist admitted telling 34 victims with his same symptoms that they were delusional and this was just so far this year. This is one small city in the US so just imagine what the reality of the number of cases in the US actually is and the number of misdiagnosed victims. UGH!

I am bringing the term Folliculitus to your attention since this medical terminology may be useful in going back to a dermatologist and getting an accurate sample of the infecting fungus; something we desperately need so this plague can be studied by scientists or Universities, if not by the uncooperative medical professionals. I have received 100’s emails from victims where a scraping or biopsy did show an unidentified fungus, however, the only positive ID of what exactly the fungus was came from a different kind of diagnostic equipment (see previous newsletter found under Updates on Note* I have posted this article on this later in this newsletter along with my comments.

Unfortunately, when I studied the prescriptions this last victim got from her dermatologist, they were acne medications plus a symptom suppressing cortisone cream. I had a quite a few try some of what was prescribed because it was supposed to be drying (a benzoyle peroxide wash and cream) but unfortunately the feedback by everyone was that it did nothing to help (big surprise). Note *Feed-back has shown that any cream is counter-productive even if it contains some antifungal properties. Many have been hurt by prescription creams for scabies that made them worse. So far, only what can dry up this fungus works.

I tried the strongest prescription antifungal creams for weeks when I was suffering in 2006 and none of them worked for me. Most of what was prescribed to this victim was really damaging to the immune system (just my un-medically based opinion) based on studying the side effects posted on the net. One product was just symptom suppressing and 2 of them had side effects that caused an increase in vulnerability to skin infections. The prescriptions appeared to be aimed at bacterial not fungus infection so that is a warning if anyone is going to try dealing with a dermatologist again.

I did get an email from someone mentioning they thought they had some results from a pharmaceutical called Nystatin. Quote from Wikipedia: “When present in sufficient concentrations, it forms pores in the membrane that lead to K+ leakage and death of the fungus. Ergosterol is fairly unique to fungi, so the drug does not have such catastrophic effects on animals or plants”..

This may be worth exploring since it does not seem to have the side effects of most antibiotics. I would not suggest any Nystatin creams or ointments since the side effect is itching. Logically this would be a night mare on top of a nightmare.

Antifungal creams don’t work because I still strongly believe that the fungus causing this condition is not normal fungus based on how it has spread all over the US and the world and because no one to date has positively identified it in the regular medical community. This is even after a year of study by the US Center for Disease Control and Kaiser Permante who then turned over the results to the US military and then after much criticism for not releasing the findings, made a statement that all the victims were delusional.

Below is the article copied from the internet on the condition called folliculitus: Please note the Yellow highlighted statements in the article are highlighted because, interestingly, they match what I have been saying now for years on my site. I have also put my added comments and concerns highlighted in aqua throughout the article copied and pasted below.

Folliculitis - Topic Overview

What is folliculitis?

  1. Folliculitis is an infection in the hair follicles. Each hair on your body grows out of a tiny pouch called a follicle. You can have folliculitis on any part of your body that has hair. But it is most common on the face and scalp and areas rubbed by clothing, such as the thighs and groin. This does not seem to explain the common foot symptoms reported to me since it does not seem there are hair follicles on bottom of feet but it is possible that those symptoms on the bottom of the feet could be nerve ending symptoms from the fungus in the nervous system.

What causes folliculitis?

It usually is caused by bacteria. It also can be caused by yeast or another type of fungus. (See definition of fungus I pasted below) Based on the fact that fungus loving insects (which have been confirmed) are attracted, it must be a fungus and not bacteria. It is a concern that most dermatologists will try treating this as a bacterial infection when it is fungus or possibly a cross between a fungus and bacteria (GMO) God forbid.

You may get folliculitis if you have damaged hair follicles. Shaving or wearing clothes that rub the skin can irritate the follicles, which can lead to folliculitis. (I have observed that tight clothing makes the fungus worse) They also can become blocked or irritated by sweat, machine oils, or makeup. When the follicles are injured, they are more likely to become infected. (Again I have said anything that weakens the skin makes this condition worse)

You are more likely to get folliculitis if you: The below causes are not the cause in this case because of the epidemic proportions of this condition and the fact that it appears to be approaching worldwide

  • Use a hot tub, whirlpool, or swimming pool that is not properly treated with chlorine.
  • Wear tight clothes.
  • Use antibiotics or steroid creams for long periods. The cortisone creams are a form of steroid creams and that is what many dermatologist prescribe so there is a contradiction here since this says using these kinds of creams long term can cause folliculitus. Steroid creams have been used for the past 50 years, but are not a cure because they have no effect on the underlying cause of inflammation. They can, however, be very effective in helping to control skin flare-ups and relieve symptoms, such as itching and irritation” 

*Note this says that this cream usually prescribed by a dermatologist only temporarily relieves symptoms and can cause folliculitus if used long term and long term use would likely be the case since it does nothing to remove the cause.

  • Use or work with substances that can irritate or block the follicles. Examples include makeup, cocoa butter, motor oil, tar, and creosote.
  • Have an infected cut, scrape, or surgical wound. The bacteria or fungi can spread to nearby hair. We already know this is contagious.
  • Have a disease such as diabetes or HIV that lowers your ability to fight infection.  This does not match my data for the past 6 yrs since most of the victims that I have been contacted by are healthy before they get this which I still believe is related to the alkaline chemistry of a healthy immune system.

What are the symptoms?

Folliculitis usually looks like red pimples with a hair in the center of each one. The pimples may have pus in them, and they may itch or burn. When the pimples break open they may drain pus, blood, or both. (The comment on when the pimples break open was not the case with me and most victims that have contacted me so must be more related to bacterial than fungal infection cause),

"Hot tub folliculitis" most often appears about 72 hours after you've been in a hot tub or spa. Many small pimples appear on your stomach and sometimes on your arms and legs. You might have a mild fever and have an upset stomach. Most of the time, this kind of folliculitis goes away on its own in 7 to 10 days. Definitely not this

How is folliculitis diagnosed?

Your doctor will check your skin and ask about your health and activities. He or she may do tests to find out what is causing your folliculitis (PLEASE GET TESTED FOR FUNGUS) and to make sure you don’t have a different problem, such as impetigo or heat rash. Testing a sample of the fluid in the pimples or a sample of tissue can help your doctor learn what is causing the infection. Ask the doctor for an identification of the exact fungus not just an unidentified fungus confirmation as many have received from their doctors to date which gets us nowhere….

How is it treated?

Mild folliculitis usually heals on its own in about 2 weeks. You can take care of yourself at home with: We all know from experience that this does not apply at all with this condition

  • Warm compresses made with white vinegar or Burow's solution. These may ease itching and help healing. Not with this fungus… and the warm moisture can make it worse as well as the alkaline nature of vinegar that we have seen just aggravate this and Burrows solution is for bacteria.
  • Medicated shampoo Has not so far worked for anyone I know of in last 6 yrs. It can be used to treat folliculitis on the scalp or beard.

Here is a definition of fungus I copied from the net:


A fungus is an organism that can grow on living and nonliving things This is what I have been saying… that this can not only grow on nonliving things but can also be spread this way. Fungi (the plural of fungus) include many types of organisms including yeasts, mold, and mushrooms. Fungi that cause problems for people include yeasts and molds and other types of fungi.

In some situations, fungi can infect and damage tissue, such as skin, hair, or nails. Fungi also may be involved in infections throughout the body, such as in the central nervous system or the bloodstream.!!!! This is what I have been saying that this is not in the blood or digestive tract but in the nervous system.

The inhalation of fungal spores (airborne) or the local colonization of the fungus (skin contact) within the epidermis can lead to infections.

Folliculitis - Topic Overview


If the infection doesn't go away, you may need anantibiotic or antifungal cream. If your infection is severe, your doctor will prescribe antibiotic or antifungal pills. (So far as I know, no one has been prescribed antifungal pills by an MD or dermatologist so I do not know what that might be or if they would even work on a genetically modified fungus. My pharmacist friend that was head of Kaiser Permanente Pharmacies for the state of Hawaii who tried to help me with this told me antifungal pills can really damage your liver and or kidneys. Your liver is what keeps your blood stream clean and your blood stream is like a stream in nature that nourishes and cleanses all it touches in this case that is all your cells….

Call your doctor if you have folliculitis and: Think carefully before you do this since I went to 9 dermatologists with no help… just loss of time and money

  • It spreads or keeps coming back.
  • You have a fever over 101°F (38°C).
  • The infected area becomes red, swollen, warm, or more painful.

If the infection doesn't go away or keeps coming back, laser hair removal may be an option. Laser treatment destroys the hair follicles so they can't get infected. (This is ridiculous in my humble personal opinion like cutting off your hand to take care of a splinter)

How can you prevent folliculitis?

There are many things you can do to prevent folliculitis or keep it from spreading. Another comment about how this is contagious

  • Bathe or shower daily with a mild antibacterial soap. This is not a bacteria and no one so far has had that work only the  Bodywash helps in a permanent way Also, bathe or shower after you exercise and after you work around chemicals.
  • Avoid sharing towels, washcloths, or other personal items. If you have folliculitis, use a clean washcloth and towel each time you bathe. (This is what I have been saying about clothing and linens for years now)
  • Don't scratch the bumps. (This is what I have been saying about treating instead of scratching)
  • Avoid shaving the bumps. If you must shave, change the razor blade each time Shows how contagious this is even on your own body. Try using depilatory creams and lotions, which remove hair without shaving. (These products are not recommended for use more often than once or twice a week.) I would not do this since they are toxic and weaken the skin
  • Avoid using oils on your skin. Oils can trap bacteria in the pores of your skin and can cause folliculitis. (This is what I have been saying and everyone who has used oils and who has had permethrin creams prescribed has been hurt by this, except the essential oil brands I have shared on my site that work because they have very little oil in ratio to their active antifungal properties because of their quality and refinement. Seems like this would be clearly malpractice based on a misdiagnosis of scabies and prescribing creams… something that should be avoided for filliculitus).
  • After you use public hot tubs or spas, shower right away with antibacterial soap (This does not apply to fungus and does not work). If you own your own hot tub, follow the manufacturer's instructions for keeping it clean.


If, after studying all that I have written,  you want to try going back to a Dr. and you have carefully considered the fact that they do not really have the answer but are willing to go to try to get a positive ID of the fungus, below is what I suggest you do. I still recommend you follow my protocol however, since based on my own experience and enormous amounts of  feedback, I know it is the best there is so far out there for getting your life back.  

PLEASE DO NOT TELL THE DOCTOR about my site since they do not like anyone cutting in on their territory and they may attempt to remove my site.

1. Make an appointment with a dermatologist. Either a new one or the one you have already seen

Even if you have not been helped by them they should be more attentive since now they will

know you know they misdiagnosed you IE scabies, delusional, dry skin, etc

2. Tell them you have Folliculitis and say that your symptoms match but that it is a fungus not a bacterial infection. You can’t tell them how you know it is a fungus since if you mention bug crawling symptoms they will go back to their old “you are delusional routine”.  Only tell them about the fungus symptoms (IE all but the crawling sensation including but not limited to stinging burning pinpricking itching etc. Tell them it feels like it is affecting your nervous system.

3. Get a scraping or better yet a skin biopsy to identify the exact fungus that is causing the folliculitis. I am not sure you will get any answer since the labs are only are educated to ID human pathogens not plant pathogens or anything like a newly created genetically modified fungus.

4.  Warning: Do not mention bugs or crawling symptoms. They will do nothing for you and ridicule you. If they can help you with just the fungus ID that would be a miracle. The bug crawling is easy to get rid of with the fogging product that worked for me and everyone that has used it correctly. Also, when you no longer have any fungus infecting your skin or environment, the bugs will not be attacking you since that is the only reason they are attracted to you and your house or car.

5. I would not take a prescription called Doxycycline which they may try to give you since that is for bacterial infections. Here are the side effects for you to be educated I would possibly ask for an antifungal pill if they insist on giving you something internally but Google the side effects before you decide since weakening your immune system means weakening your ability to ever get over this.


If you do get a positive ID or get prescribed something that you find works beyond temporary symptom relief (which is what most doctors are schooled to do) please email me and tell me what it is. I am always trying to find a shorter way out but at least there is a way out (my protocol). Even though it does take effort and time it is tried and true if done correctly. I do not post any suggestion unless 100’s of victims have reported results.

I recently had to clear out my house of 24 years because I sold it at a big loss to get out from under my crippling mortgage. While going through a box I felt that old horror when my forearms began to burn and itch. I jumped up and ran to do my protocol. I immediately bathed with the Bodywash, disinfected my clothing with PCO and treated my arms with Cats Claw, Cotz and baby powder. (I keep all these on hand for emergency and have found many other great uses for these things). It worked like a charm and I am relieved to have proven with my own experience once again that this protocol works. What is alarming though is that this thing was still contagious in a box after 6 yrs of being closed up!  When I was sure I was normal after giving it a couple more days, I coated my hands, arms, torso, neck and shoulders with the SPF 30 sunscreen and my face with Cotz and dove back into the same box and felt nothing and did not get it again! Another reassurance the there is nothing better out there than what I discovered and have shared with others through my site.

I have a few suggestions that I remembered that are helpful:

  1. You can buy a very high 30x magnification magnifying glass for very little. It is called a jeweler’s lens and costs less than $5.
  2. I highly suggest you buy a 10x magnification lighted mirror on a stand so you can more accurately treat spots. You can see where the epicenter of the problem is if you can see the skin better since the nerve symptoms tend to make you believe it is an entire area when it sometimes is possible to treat a smaller area or even just a spot and benefit/relieve the whole area.
  3. Gold Bond Baby Powder: This is new and contains zinc powder which is also a beneficial ingredient in the Cotz and I have feedback that it is superior to regular baby powder in the protocol. It may also be sprinkled on to things you sit on to help that way.
  4. Try using ice for intense itching and burning relief. Be sure that it is not adding moisture so put the ice in a Ziploc or if using an ice pack be sure cloth surrounds it so you are keeping your skin dry. Spraying the Kool 'N Fit as a temporary relief of burning and itching can be useful while away from where you can treat or for convenience in the middle of the night. It does work to stop burning and itching for up to 4 hrs and is drying on the fungus. Also try spraying some on a cloth and breathing it through your nose to stop those symptoms.
  5. You can pinpoint areas infected under the skin when no surface symptom can be seen by lightly rolling your skin between your thumb and forefinger along an area. The area with fungus under it will be tender and painful and the areas with no fungus underneath will not. The center spot of the nerve pain generating out will be coming from the most tender or painful of the area in this procedure. There is a slight swelling that is not easily perceived except by this type of checking. It will help you to know to what extent the fungus has spread under an area of your skin where there are no surface symptoms yet and help with treating it.
  6. You might try to have a neuro-surgeon (nerve specialist) look at you and see if an MRI or other testing on the nervous system would show the fungus infection in the nerves. We know this is infecting the nerves and these types of doctors also treat nerve infections. Most doctors no longer diagnose, they just prescribe. What’s wrong with this picture? Shouldn’t they try to find out what is wrong so they can fix it correctly before they prescribe? Beware if they do not try to diagnose and just try to experiment on you with drugs someone has asked them to push.
  7. It is confirmed from feedback that highly alkaline triggering foods and drinks can set off an outbreak of the fungus. Drink Cranberry juice to quickly shift your PH. (I like an organic frozen concentrate made by Cascadian Farms that can be mixed with grapefruit juice for a less sweet juice. I like the fresh not from concentrate grapefruit juice by Simply found in the health food stores. This combination or cranberry and grapefruit juice is a great source of vitamin C. You can also add unbuffered vitamin c powder to this juice for added benefit.

The other winner are Pomegranate juice  to quickly shift your PH. Do not drink any kind of alkaline water or alkalizing drinks like coconut water while trying to overcome this since the fungus likes alkaline and coconut in any form including the oil is a trigger for this fungus. Here again is an alkaline acid food chart. Pick healthy foods that are not high alkaline. Things that excite/irritate the nerves like refined sugar, alcohol, caffeine, can also trigger symptoms. Unfortunately pro-biotics also seem to exasperate the fungus as well as oxygen treatments.

  1. Much damage gets done to the skin due to not only the fungus, but also all the toxic treatments that people try before they find me. At the end of doing my protocol, there may be some itching and possibly even burning that can be due to damage to the nerves and skin and not due to any residual fungus. There is another skin product made by the company that makes the Bodywash and SPF 30 sunscreen called Glow With It that I have added to the skin product page on the website.  It was formulated to repair sunburned skin. This product has shown promise in healing the fungus damaged skin. It can be found right next to the sunscreen when you go to order from the company. It appears to be formulated with some of the same basic ingredients found in the Bodywash and Sunscreen that work so well. We know that like the other two skin products from this company, it does not exasperate the fungus and may be able to quickly heal the skin of these residual symptoms.  Warning*I would not try this product until all crawling symptoms are gone. It is not a replacement for the Cats Claw or other topical treatments in the protocol along with keeping the skin dry at the end.  However, when you are almost clear, it may speed up healing the skin and quickly eliminate the last of the topical symptoms. There have been limited trials of this so please let me know if you too have good results. If for any reason you are not benefited for residual fungus symptoms, save it for your face later since it is a fabulous and healing face lotion that I like as well as this company’s $85 a jar repair night cream. * If you have the SPF 30 on your skin rinse it off before applying the Bodywash since the combination of these 2 products can give you an itchy red rash. In this case you would not follow my instructions to apply the bodywash to dry skin since your skin will already be wet from rinsing off the sunscreen.
  2. On a spiritual level, this is like some kind of possession. You must stay firm in your heart and mind that your body is yours and nothing has the right to live off of your energy. Make a strong statement that you will not allow this to take over you or your life. Be determined and pray for strength. Picture the body you were born with and tell your body that anything that was not part of your original DNA at birth does not belong and needs to be eliminated. I believe the body has a hard time identifying that this is foreign to it and that it is something to be gotten rid of (because it is genetically altered). Since the fungus likes what your immune system likes it seems to try to become part of the body. The visualization of your body’s original blue print might be helpful to your immune system in identifying and fighting what seems to be trying to live like it is part of you and off of you. The body understands what you tell it and communication is a big part of how the body works.
  3. Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. I am sure there is some of this experienced by everyone who has suffered with this. It can be as mild as thinking that everyone one you are around is itching because of you to any insect landing on you making you panic. As far as the itching going on in others, I have learned that everyone is itching all the time we just never noticed before. This is the same phenomena that takes place when you decide to buy a car and then see that model everywhere even though there are not suddenly more of those cars on the road. You can tell if the person itching around you has a problem or is normal by watching how they react to the itch. If the itch goes away once it is scratched it is just a normal itch. If the once scratched it itches more it is a symptom. It took me awhile to relax about the normal itch or a real bug really crawling on me. For awhile I was even elated and relieved every time I saw an ant on me. Even this residual nervous reaction goes away with time once you realize you are just over reacting and the problem is in your hypersensitivity. This of course only applies when you are well past the real symptoms.


Because of so many requests, I am going to undertake making this website into a printed booklet entitled Getting Your Life Back and hopefully with the help of one of the recovered victims who offered to help me with editing, this might happen in the near future. She has also suggested a video of me demonstrating the protocol and /or an added CD in the booklet of me explaining it. This would help many more people and help me get some time back for living my much cherished normal life again. I have not had any time off now for the past 6 yrs since I just can’t ignore the agony I know is in every cry for help. I get in a steady stream all day long every day of the week. So far, there is no one else willing or experienced enough to do the consultations.

It has also been suggested that I consider offering 30 minute paid consultations for $50 that can be booked back to back to make up the hour but those would not involve my studying an intake since I spend additional time on to do that and time is something I just do not have any extra of since I continue to work 3 other jobs.  I have not offered those in the past since I have seen that it is not possible to cover everything in just 30 minutes but maybe this will help some people with follow up questions that have already had an hour with me.

If you are interested in the option of an additional 30 minute paid consultation, please email me and let me know. If there are enough requests we will change the policy to include these. I have tried to put everything any one needs to get over this on my site for free but, I  also understand that my guidance can be comforting and save people from making huge mistakes that cost them both time and money.

Although the fact that this has gone worldwide is alarming, it is now my hope that someone, a doctor or scientist, in another country will do some research on this. It is obvious, based on no results here, that there is some kind of blockage in the US. I still wonder if our government is protecting some powerful corporation who may have had a hand in causing this condition. My prayer is still that this might someday be covered under health insurance and that the validity of the suffering involved is somehow verified and acknowledged. This is sorely needed to help heal the separation this causes in families and relationships because only certain people are affected in a household.

Lastly, if anyone who has recovered and gotten their life back is interested in helping others still suffering, please email me.  I need others who can answer emails, give hope, and answer questions for those still suffering.

Always praying for all of you,


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