Newsletter December 2012

For those of you who are new, I am sorry to hear that you are suffering with this horrible condition but glad you found me. For those of you who are not new, but still suffering please invest in your well being and get a consultation so I can help you since so many I have guided, including myself, are over this and having a normal life again.  I have seen over the last 5 years that having a one on one consultation with me can mean getting over this or not since many times there is just one thing the person is doing wrong that keeps them from full recovery.

I may be the only victim who has found their way out and stayed around to help others out. This is like almost drowning in a pool, saving yourself and staying in the pool to save others who are drowning.  Most would not even consider saving others after a near escape with death. They want to forget the whole incident and just move on. Why I am still here doing this?

I have told those who have consulted with me that I wanted to end my life because of the intense torture I experienced for 2 and ½ yrs with this condition but my faith in my Creator sustained me. I prayed with intensity to be shown a way out and promised that if I were healed, I would help others. In the moments I want just go on and enjoy my life and forget this I am reminded of my promise.

Many I consult with are self damning when it comes to this condition. What I mean is their “I AM’s”. The statements made after saying “I AM” are self defining. They are affirmations of what you are becoming, what you are creating yourself to be. They are blue prints of who you are growing into.  It is critical to affirm what you want, not what you fear or don’t want. What you focus on grows like watering a plant with your vital energy and attention. You must focus your attention on the POSITIVE. When you affirm by saying “I am a Morgie” or “I am weak” or “I am confused”, every cell in your body obeys these commands because you are the voice of authority over your body (whether you realize it or not) and every cell in your body perfectly follows your affirmations as if they are commands. (For more on this subject you can download my book you’re Not Fat You’re Swollen at

Most people giving advice out there have either not had this condition, or have not healed themselves. I would not take my car to a mechanic who could not fix his own vehicle. Likewise, those who are giving advice but have never had this, do not have an inside view of this condition. No matter how much they study it from the outside it is not the same perspective as first-hand experience. Also, the company that sells the fogging product continually gives wrong advice that costs you more in product and time. They have not been trained in the use of their products for this condition so let me guide you since my motive is to get you over this, not sell you more product.

If you are new, I suggest you read the previous newsletters found on my website under UPDATES since I will not be repeating   information from those previous letters other than attaching an abbreviated protocol again to simplify in your mind what needs to be followed to get over this.  It should be comforting for you to know that you can get over this, and have it out of your life. It is important to know that once over this; you will never again have a devastating case again since you will know the protocol. The greatest fear associated with this condition is not knowing what to do that works. When you have the products on hand you can nip it in the bud if you are exposed and somehow re-infected. It is due to the fact that the environment and your skin go untreated for so long that the conditions progresses to more and more intensity. With time your environment and belongings become more and more infested and your skin becomes more and more infected.  That is the ONLY reason it takes so much time and effort to get over this. Those who find me right away get over it right away. The products work. The only factor that requires time is in correct and thorough application. It is precise and like a mathematic formula; done correctly it always works. Done incorrectly it doesn’t.  Many I have helped including myself now get to look back on it as a thing of the past; buy new mattresses, couches and clothes. I relished wearing the same thing all week long just because I could! Simple pleasures….

I have now consulted with well over 1,000 people over the last 5 yrs with these symptoms. You are not an isolated case. Far from it.  I have a survey and intake forms that I am compiling data from in order to determine patterns of who gets this and why. I have now consulted with people from  Japan, China, Australia, Canada, India, Hungary, UK,  besides these US states in order of frequency, CA, NY, FL, TX, NJ, SC, NC, AZ, NV, KS, CT, ID, OK, WI, HI, PA, MO, DE, VA, OH, NM, IL, UT. For your information there is no connection with dogs and cats being involved with this condition and although sitting in house infested with of Collembola will bother them, they are not carriers or infected with the fungus because of their chemistry.

The overwhelming numbers are about 80 % women over 50, then women all ages down to teens. Next in frequency are babies, and lastly men over 40 or 50. Young men and men under 40 are rarely  affected, even in a home where others are suffering. I have consulted with probably only 20 men under 50 out of the 1,000 people. This makes men sometimes indifferent and unbelieving when their spouse or partner is suffering terribly and they feel nothing. It breaks my heart that marriages and relationships have been torn apart when men will not even allow their women money to get treated or cooperate with treating the environment so they can get well. The explanation of who gets infected seems to be skin vulnerability not immune system strength.

A large number of victims are fitness trainers, health consultants (me), and athletic people who have a strong immune system before they get infected. I now firmly believe that the genetically altered plant fungus thrives on an alkaline chemistry; the very chemistry that indicates a healthy immune system.  (FYI Cancer now discovered to be a fungus, grows in an acid, oxygen starved chemistry). Keeping your chemistry at neutral until you are over this has a definite affect on controlling and eliminating this fungus. This can be accomplished while still eating a healthy low animal fat disease preventing diet. In almost every case, food choice plays a part in the cycle of fungus symptoms. Extremely alkaline forming foods seem to trigger fungus symptoms as well as refined sugars and starches (even though alcohol is acid it is the fastest to convert to sugar in your blood stream so it is the most refined sugar).  Ripe citrus,  probiotics, apple cider vinegar are alkalizing so should be avoided during your recovery. Also the following minerals are extremely alkalizing:  Notice sodium or salt is one of them.
Calcium: pH 12
Cesium: pH 14
Magnesium: pH 9
Potassium: pH 14
Sodium: pH 14

You can eat more acid forming foods and still be eating healthy choices. For instance cranberry juice instead of orange juice, walnuts are acid compared to almonds, rye as compared to wheat, and rice as compared to millet etc. For more choices of healthy acid foods go to : My book on natural laws that keep nature healthy and apply to you also covers this topic (See You’re Not Fat You’re Swollen at I noticed that raw coconut and ginger triggered my symptoms even though they have strong anti-fungal properties. This was because they are alkaline forming foods. Keeping the chemistry at neutral has beneficial effect as well as taking a hydrochloric acid digestive enzyme with meals. When the body is too alkaline it causes stomach acid to be weak so when your system is too alkaline, digestion is hampered and will show a marked improvement when this digestive enzyme is taken. See Solaray HCL. (FYI when the body chemistry is too acid it uses calcium to try to become more alkaline and may draw it out of your teeth and bones causing osteoporosis).

I have observed that many who have a depleted immune system have gotten that way in their attempt to get over this condition. Then of course this condition is blamed for tearing down their immune system when it is actually from the damage of being subjected to a barrage of carcinogenic poisons both in their houses and on their skin. Remember, your skin is a living breathing organ like your liver or your heart and what you do to your skin has a huge impact on your immune system. That is why I do not recommend anything that hurts your skin’s immune system.  You can get temporary relief from many things but they will keep you in this nightmare indefinitely. It is temporary relief at the price of permanent healing. Dr. Bronner’s peppermint soap is a perfect example of this since it gives relief in the moment but strips your skin of all ability to protect from further infection.

Many have asked me to publish a book (since being at the computer is torturous for most victims) or do a webinar on this problem but, due to limited time (I work 3 other jobs) and limited resources I have not had time to do it. Unless someone donates the money it will cost to get an editor or contributes being the editor, I will not be writing/publishing the book anytime soon. I am an author but not a word mechanic so and editor to correct my grammar is a necessity.

I do have some new tools that may help people suffering with this genetically modified fungus.  BTW there have been more cases of doctors finding an “unidentifiable” fungus from skin scrapings and biopsies. Of course these doctors are not plant pathologists so they and medical labs have no exposure or education applicable to a plant fungus. Here is a recent email of the fungus being identified in another victim. “ thought u would be interested in pathology in biology dept confirmed finding the following on tape of my husband my bodies: a) fungus- they want tape samples to determine the kind as we gave them photos of the tape, b) mites and c) something they said was organic and they could not identify - they want more tape samples- we believe this is the collembola”.

One new product has been posted on my website under PRODUCTS for some time now but I have not had the opportunity to explain what it is. I have linked it here so you can see it and purchase it from the only known source. EM1 is a natural biological treatment for control of plant fungus. It is a probiotic, meaning it is made up of synergistic living bacteria something like a yogurt culture with many strains beneficial bacteria. This formulation was created to treat plants with a fungus problem. Since it is made up of bacteria that eats fungus, I thought it might have a benefit because it is a genetically modified plant fungus that is infecting the skin and environment. I had mentioned my research on this in a previous newsletter. A victim read it, found it and tried it. She had great results. She was so helped by my protocol (she got well) that she has sent me multiple donations. The donations were used to put the EM1 product on the site for others to use and to pay for other corrections to the site. She used EM1 full strength on her scalp as well as spraying things in her environment.  I have no first-hand experience with it so you are on your own if you want to try using it. Of course it is non-toxic so that is why I feel it is safe to suggest. Please give  me feed back if you try it so I can let others know.

The other gift this kind woman brought was the idea of Crocs as a shoe replacement. Those who have read my site or consulted with me know that shoes (animal leather, cloth or manmade) can be a great source of re-infection for those who have and issue on their feet and ankles. Until she pointed it out, I was not aware of the choices Crocs now offers so that you can wear something that does not look like gardening shoes. Crocs are virtually impervious to anything getting into them so they are easy to disinfect with just  91+% alcohol spray. Not having to soak and dry shoes makes the protocol less trouble. Many who are being re-infected by their shoes wrongly believe it is their floor giving them the problem and end up doing major work to disinfect their floor with no relief. * IMPORTANT Some of Crocs new styles are leather and would not be a correct choice. Make sure what you get has no leather in it or any cloth lining.

The other product that is extremely hopeful is a spray called Kool and Fit. A combination of camphor, menthol, eucalyptus, juniper berry, and pine in an alcohol spray seems to have a GREAT affect on the skin fungus, including a drying effect. I need more people to try it to really be sure but may be a good alternative to the cats claw since it is clear, non- staining and a convenient spray application for the common area infected in the middle of the back. Those of you who want to try it please email me your results. I am curious if it will work on the scalp since the person who had good results did not have a problem there to test it. It did take multiple applications in the same spot however just like the Cat’s claw to be effective. I would not use the Cotz or baby powder over it since it may work alone.

We know the Cat’s claw, Cotz, and baby powder is effective (tried and true) but the Cat’s claw must be  generously applied 4-5 times  in each application or repeated until all activity stops to get deep enough into the skin and then coated with Cotz and  baby powder to keep Cotz on.  It is more effective applied when the skin is not hydrated. What that means is the skin is not holding any water, like it does right after a shower.  Most do not realize the skin is more like a living sponge. When the skin has absorbed water it will not absorb the Cat’s claw so wait until your skin is really dry or dry the affected area with a hair drying before the Cat’s claw treatment.  By the way, the Cotz packaging has changed so please know that the link under PRODUCTS from my site is still going to take you to the right product. The name also slightly changed to: Fallene Cotz Plus SPF 58 Water Resistant UVB/UVA Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin. Rest assured that is what my link will take you to. Also the links on my site are there to guide you to the least expensive place to purchase. If anyone finds a cheaper source please let me know so I can change the link and share it with others. Remember the brands I show are the ONLY ones that I know work. That is why they are specific. Only the brand of Cat’s claw I show in my link works because it is a special formula combined with another ingredient. The tee tree, cinnamon leaf and oregano oil brands recommended are not diluted with cheap filler oils that only exasperate the condition.

I also now recommend that you do not first wet your skin in the shower before applying the body wash/soap. This will ensure you do not miss any areas since any you miss will still be dry. This also forces you to remember the proper protocol to wet the nylon cloth and work up the lather in the cloth before scrubbing down with it. Remember not to scrub areas that are healing with scabs since breaking the skin only make you more susceptible to the fungus entering. Do not use anything on yomyur skin that weakens the protective mantle that your skin produces to protect you from invading microbes.

The other idea I wanted to tell you about was the idea of painting the inside of your closet, room or house. I had to paint my house recently to get it ready to rent out and was painting my closet. This was the closet that played a big role in my 2.5 yrs of suffering until I knew how to treat my clothes. It dawned on me that besides disinfecting my clothing maybe painting my closet to seal in any fungus that may have been in or on my walls might have helped or speeded things up. Since I never tried it and this is the first time I am mentioning it, I need to hear back if anyone finds that painting makes a difference.  FYI my closet was fine from the time I discovered my protocol. Fogging the house and treating the clothing did work in a permanent way for me. I am just always looking for a faster cheaper way out of the hell for those still suffering.

I repeatedly find people combining things or applying things in a way I do not recommend. The most common is using the Swiss formula body wash and SPF 30 sunscreen together. These are not meant to ever be combined so never let the 2 meet since combined they will cause a rash. Always wash off the bodywash before using the SPF 30. I want to mention again that the SPF 30 sunscreen has been out of stock off and on all year. When they have it in, you may consider stocking up if you need it. Once you no longer experience any crawling sensations you can stop using it since it is primarily a long lasting repellant to the bugs and the only moisturizer that does not proliferate the fungus growth. Once you are past the crawling try to keep your skin as dry as possible. You can substitute baby powder on the parts of your body that are not infected to protect them. You should still treat all fungus symptoms immediately with the Cats Claw, Cotz and baby powder treatment. (*Note I no longer recommend Gold Bond powder. It costs more and does not work as well).  Remember that every symptom other than actual crawling is fungus. Also, do not use baby powder over the SPF 30. I only suggest that over the SPF 58 Cotz.  The other gift from the woman that suggested the Crocs was to dilute the SPF 30 with purified water in a small travel spray bottle and apply it in a spray. She mentioned it was easier to spread this way and a bottle lasted much longer. Be sure not to over dilute it because although there is no benefit to rubbing it deep into the skin (a thin film over your entire body other than your face is correct) you do want a thick enough layer to protect you.

I am not sure anyone knows but it was my instructions to the fogging product company that the Collembola Kits were developed. Although an empty spray bottle and a hose sprayer are included in the Collembola Kit do not waste the fogging product using it as a spray. It does nothing and was not in my instructions of what was needed in the Kit.  Also contrary to what that company tells you, fogging cloth does nothing; cloth and clothing must be soaked for 1 hr in either the PCO or Clorox bleach solution to be disinfected.  As far as the hose sprayer, I have had only one person need to treat  outside their house and this was a balcony with upholstered furniture. Of course after this condition is gone you will like the products to use on your garden and pets and then you will find the sprayers useful. Do not try to soak clothes in PCO overnight. Those who have done this found that their clothes were not cleared. Maybe they thought they could use less product and soak longer. The active ingredient was not sufficient and would have evaporated out and once that happens it is not going to work. IMPORTANT: ALWAYS use cold water for the PCO soak.  Hot or warm will cause the active ingredient to evaporate and dissipate out of the solution and weaken its strength to clear the clothing.

The other fogging tip is that the dryer the air the more product to saturate it that will be required. The moisture in the air is what keeps the product from evaporating out of the air making the treatment ineffective so you may want to open your house up prior to fogging if a furnace has been on and also fog 1st thing in the morning when the air is damp.  Also, there should be no air movement in the house during and after the fogging while your house is closed up. Look around the outside of your house to be sure there is no fog leaking out. If there is no air movement in the house the fog will hang in the air for the needed length of time to work.

The fungus symptoms are associated with the nervous system and or nerve endings. There seems to be a correlation with nerve patterns in how the fungus spreads throughout the body. It will show up along acupuncture meridians and will also show up on both sides of the body in the same location. There is a reaction to computers and big screen TV's in almost every case. It may be that the electromagnetic energy from these excites the nerves, or the fungus in the nerves, causing a reaction or an activation of increased symptoms IE tingling burning etc. No amount of treating the digestive tract IE parasite cleanses has any effect since the fungus in not in the digestive tract.

Other fungus loving insects have now been positively identified as being attracted to those with this skin fungus. Mostly it has been fungus flies.

I have had a few people buy the Swiss formula Bodywash on Amazon instead of the company that manufactures it. This was discovered when they told me they did not have any results from using it. I knew something was different since almost 100% of those who use it are helped.

I believe the natural preservative in the wash and sunscreen has something to do with why it works so well on the skin fungus. Only the product purchased directly from the company is guaranteed. The product being sold elsewhere is out of date, which means even though it may cost less, the very ingredient that makes it effective is most likely too old to do any good.

I pray for your complete freedom from this condition,

In love and gratitude,


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