Newsletter - 12-2014

To answer your most common question… yes I am well with no symptoms and have a normal life again. Well, maybe not normal, since I still get to dwell on this condition on a daily basis helping others get out of the suffering.

I have been meaning to send this Newsletter for quite awhile but with working 3 other jobs it seems to always get buried on the list. I am still hoping that someone else who has gone through this and learned the protocol can take over some of my consultations. I have not had a break since I started consulting in 2008. I mean, no vacation in 8.5 yrs including the time I was suffering! I receive weekly emails where the person wants to end their life due to the intense suffering or a divorce is threatening because only the wife feels anything. No matter how badly I need it, this is just not something I can ignore and go have a holiday. (yes, these do get forwarded to me).  If you have been successful using my protocol, you qualify to help others.  Please contact me if you are qualified and interested in helping others.

There are just a few things I want to share that have repeatedly come up in consultations. One is to do with Cat’s Claw application. Cats Claw works but application is the key to it working.  After much analysis, I have discovered why the Cats Claw always works on the rest of the body but sometimes not on the scalp. (Note Cats Claw is impractical to use on the scalp except on isolated spots; not usually the entire scalp). The answer finally dawned on me while dealing with Sarcoptic Mange on my dog. This experience with my dog was so similar to what I went through with this fungus because I could not find anything that worked on him. I tried everything non-toxic that I could find on the internet instead of giving him dangerous internal pesticides.   I got a slight case of the mange from him on one arm that went away in an hour using the Cats claw. Cats Claw worked on Sarcoptic mange mites!!!!

One person selling a nontoxic mange treatment online sold a shampoo for prepping the skin for the mange treatment. I believe the mange treatment was basically Borax washing powder dissolved in water mixed into hydrogen peroxide and some herbs. I rang up my credit card to the tune of about $500 putting me farther into debt but with my best friend suffering, what could I do?  After 5 months I gave up and in desperation tried my own protocol on him. To my amazement the Cats Claw and Cotz and a strong solution of PCO (1-2 parts water) has worked the best so far topically on the mange. The good news about his condition was that the dog mange mite can only live about 36 hours without a host so the environmental aspect is far easier than the fungus/ Collembola infection where the fungus can exist for years.

The idea of prepping the skin to better take in the mange treatment (since mange also lives deep under the surface)  made me realize that the only time I have seen the Cats Claw not work is when it can’t get into the skin deep enough to get to the root of the problem. The two things that cause the failure in getting results are:

  1. The presence of moisture in the skin (IE water)
  2. Oil the skin.

Both conditions will not allow the penetration of the Cats Claw needed to get results. Because the scalp must secrete enough oil to lubricate hair, there is far more likely going to be oil on the surface of the scalp compared to the rest of the body. Along with being the hottest area other than the crotch, the scalp starts to secrete the oil the minute you finish washing it.  (The body is always trying to bring things back to balance.)  It may enhance the application of Cats Claw to wipe the area to be treated with a cotton pad saturated with 90%+ rubbing alcohol to remove any trace of oil on the surface of the skin. Of course this is besides making sure the skin is really dried out prior to applying Cats Claw.

I have always been pondering what could take the Cats Claw faster and deeper into the skin other than dryness of the skin. I am not sure if it will help but if you already have the Kool N Fit Spray, you might try spraying that where you are going to treat just prior to the Cats Claw. The ingredients have something that quickly and deeply penetrates the skin since it is made to help muscle pain which is much deeper. I have no feed back or experience with this, so you need to decide if you want to be a Guiney pig and try it. I tried DMSO but as I and many found out it is extremely damaging to the skin. Weakened skin means less capability to fight the fungus infection so that is not an effective option.

The most common place for symptoms is still the scalp on almost everyone. I have been told by one person that Genitrex, a homeopathic pubic lice treatment, greatly helped the scalp so if anyone wants to try it please let me know. I usually do not suggest anything that has not worked on at least 12 people consistently and brought permanent change so unless I hear that this is a breakthrough I will not put it into the protocol. Lots of things give temporary relief from symptoms, but most of them weaken you so the fungus comes back with a vengeance IE one step forward 2 steps back.

The other gift discovered on one of my other jobs was a cushion I got because the seat on the vehicle gets so hot I could not sit on it. I bought a seatcushion on Amazon and then realized this may be helpful for those having to sit somewhere that they fear may be infected or the fear they will infect it.  It will also minimize sweating that is escalated while sitting on something that does not breathe. The cushion is only about $12-16. It is small and light enough to be taken with you and does not contain cloth. It is plastic mesh and allows air flow so sweating is minimized.  You can most likely spray it with rubbing alcohol to disinfect it. The cushion can be found on my website under OTHER USEFUL PRODUCTS. There is also a mesh office chair at Costco for $99 that is a good replacement for an upholstered chair.

The other thing I want to mention is that if the topical protocol has given you relief and you have seen areas scab and heal then you know it can do the job.  It is just a matter of continuing UNTIL you get rid of every spot infected.  People are used to instant results and stop doing the protocol before they are clear or they start losing patience and start experimenting with other things again. I am always surprised when they admit that it did kill and heal the fungus on their arm for example, and then say it did not work on another part of their body. That has to be re-infection from something or incorrect application. They know it works from their own results but then don’t understand they are still suffering due to some flaw in the application or stopping before the fungus is completely gone which then causes a resurgence.

One person left her house because she could not get the environment under control. (house was too large and others felt nothing). She went to stay at a clinic for environmental illness. There she did find relief but told me she still did my protocol using Cats Claw, Cotz and Bodywash. The only thing that she could not do was the PCO laundry soak. She said they were using Dimethylbenzyl Ammonium Chloride which surprised me since we tried that for disinfecting our clothes and got boils from the chemical.  People are normally at the clinic because they have chemical sensitivity so the clinic does not permit strong smelling substances that could affect the other patients. If you want to know more about the environmental clinic in Texas, please contact me.

People are concerned when they move what to take with them. I suggest that anything not cloth or leather is easy to clear unless it is a very rough or a porous surface. If a dresser drawer or wooden bed frame is suspect, you might consider painting or varnishing it to seal it and then take it with you without worry.

A common anguish is the question: Do we have to throw that expensive (fill in the blank) in the dump?

I suggest that you at least remove questionable items from the house until you are clear and then introduce them back into your environment 1 item at a time. Try to wrap the item in plastic to store it if you can to keep it from infecting where you are storing it. Furniture and bed stores usually have large thick plastic bags so you might try getting a furniture or mattress bag from them. (*NOTE covering an infected mattress is dangerous but covering a new one so you don't ever infect it is wise.) If you begin to feel any symptoms immediately remove the item from your house.  You know what to do so you can treat yourself quickly and prevent getting a full blown re-infection.  If exposure were to happen, you would peel off your clothes and bag them to soak them in PCO or the bleach (See Treatments). Jump in the shower, wash down with Bodywash and treat the area with at least the Cotz< if not Cotz and Cats Claw. If you need to touch the item again to get it to the dump, protect yourself by coating your face with Cotz and your body with Swiss Formula sunscreen including your hands. BTW never use Swiss Formula Sunscreen on your face since even way below your eyes on your chin it can burn your eyes. (*Note Because of their company policy, I cannot use the brand name of the Swiss formula products in a news letter)

Eyes Problems:

If after using a tiny drop of No More Tears Baby shampoo on a finger nail and scrubbing your eyelashes and rinsing well you still have symptoms in your eyes, you might try using over the counter Stye drops or the Vetericyn eye gel. (*Note this is for animals so use at your own discretion. It is really mild and can be used in the eye of an animal but liability wise I have to warn you.) If that does not work go to an eye doctor and get an ointment.  Do not mention bugs/crawling but merely that your eyes are itching. Be sure you are clearing everything that touches your face near your eyes IE glasses, makeup brushes and applicators, etc. The best way to clear glasses is soaking in a mason jar. Fill it to the top with the same PCO solution dilution you use for your laundry soak. Keep a pair of glasses in there and rotate out the ones you wear till your symptoms around your eyes are gone.

Nose and Ear problems: One person who has gotten over this wrote in this suggestion:

“it helped tremendously to prevent mites' nocturnal migration and reproduction in my sinuses by using Cotz, both as a lining in my nostrils and also applied to foam earplugs in my ears. This thwarted their breeding cycle. Soon after that, I found the EM-1 killed them on contact if used in my ears and held inside with earplugs all night. But the Cotz was pretty effective for this, if folks can't source the EM-1.

"Main thing is to never leave ears & nostrils unprotected at night, & keep Cotz as a lining in nostrils 24/7.Weird thing, as an aftereffect of having the SM, my teeth went into crisis. I lost 3 molars in the 2 years directly following the infestation. Maybe because the stress caused me to clench my jaw more at night. Have you had any other reports of increased dental problems from clients? “

Teeth and gums:

The above statement is something I never even considered but frankly it was absolutely true in my case. I began grinding my teeth in my sleep (what little sleep I had) during the ordeal as I am sure many have. This pounding caused my gums to recede for the first time in my life. I had healthy gums (no gum disease at all and no pockets. All my teeth were healthy with no cavities (I have all my own teeth, and no implants or root canals, only some fillings from my childhood. For more on what I recommend for teeth care you can now purchase a kindle version of my  book on natural hygiene on Amazon for $4.49 here). This grinding at night was the only explanation the dentist came up with for what was happening to my gums. He told me the pounding and grinding was affecting the gums ability to stay adhered to my enamel. He recommended wearing a bite at night that cushioned my teeth to lessen the impact.  Now that I think about it, this grinding stopped when I got over the fungus and collembola problem.  I did not have to have any teeth pulled but this condition definitely affected my oral health.

Treating the car:  Only fog by cracking the door and filling the car just until it is full of the fog to the point where visibility is obscured. There should be no air movement IE fans, air conditioner, etc during the fogging. Remember that any air movement or any heat that makes the active ingredient in the fog evaporate, weakens the treatment. Spray down seat belt to the point that it is soaked through and through as well as spraying headrest, seat and floor with 90% + rubbing alcohol. (Note* Protect yourself from breathing fog or rubbing alcohol.) Right after you spray place a thick construction bag over the head rest and seat and then cover that with a thick towel that can be daily treated in a soak. Leather is more difficult to clear but you can try. There are custom neoprene (wetsuit material) seat covers that can be put on new cars to protect from ever getting anything into the seats. The seats are completely sealed and water proof by this material. The company that makes them is called Wet Okole. They are expensive but worth protecting a new car or trying to seal an existing infected seat that is leather. Warning one person told me she had a cushion made out of this material and it got infected but better that than a new car seat since at least you could take it off and soak it.

Many say that their crotch is completely infected and so they complain they cannot use the Cats Claw with the dropper on such a large area. One person said they sprayed it on for convenience because it was such a large area but admitted it was not working. Spreading it superficially over a large area does not work because it is needed deep under the skin. You could just as easily use the Bodywash left on overnight for a surface treatment if that is all you needed. Most people with pin pricking and nerve symptoms need to get deep into the skin to kill the fungus so surface treating is just waiting time and money. I strongly suggest a lighted 10x magnifying mirrorespecially for the crotch area. It was my experience that the symptoms radiate out through the nerves from a center that is the true cause of the problem. Even if it is not a huge visible difference, with close observation you can see broken skin or raised skin at the problem spot.

Deeply treating the center of the symptom area is far more productive than surface treating the whole area with Cats Claw. Cotz can generally be used on the whole area along with baby powder with great results as long as the fungus problem spots are also deeply treated. Remember no tight clothing IE pants that do not allow skin to breathe and stay cool and dry.  I now only recommend people wear cotton and fibers that let the skin breathe. Better to treat clothing than wear clothing that creates a green house effect on your skin which is just what makes the fungus thrive.  Consulting with one victim I discovered her problem with re-infection was caused by wearing pantyhose. The trapped moisture and heat was what kept her suffering with the problem.

Finding Bleach that works for soaking laundry remains a challenge. I have been told that Lowes Home Improvement carries something in cleaning sections of the store. The brand is Styleselections that is working and is 8.25 % chlorine. Also at Lowes 30 Seconds Cleaning Solution for cleaning outside is 9% but costs $19.00. The same person told me that Clorox is down to 5 % chlorine so no wonder it is not working. I also noticed a basic bleach at K-Mart under the brand Home Basics. Avoid all bleaches that say Concentrated or New Improved Formula since they do not work at all on this condition. Remember that older bleach bottles of even the right kind can also lack adequate strength to clear things since the active ingredient loses its strength after about 4 months on the shelf. You could still try to use them but would need to use a higher concentration than what the bottle says.

Although I suggest you can use the PCO soak for multiple loads in the same day (see treatment page) I do not recommend storing the solution unless you can do that in air tight containers. There must be no air between the liquid and the lid. Also the amount of dirt for the dirty clothing affects the strength of the PCO. Keeping the mixed soaking solution in a covered Tupperware tub will not work since air will cause the active ingredient in the PCO to weaken and evaporate to the degree that it does not clear what you are soaking. Trying to soak less time in a stronger solution or longer time in a weaker solution also has proven to not work. Every time I learn that someone is leaving the clothing in the soak for longer periods like all day or overnight it does not work; I can't explain why but it has been consistently true.

The other helpful thing I would like to teach everyone is how to test food and items to see if they make your body stronger or weaker. This can be a powerful tool in avoiding what is keeping a person from enjoying their God given right to be healthy. Everything you consume through your mouth, skin, lungs, eyes, or ears affects your immune system and the strength of your body. This is some of what I teach in my book on natural hygiene (available here). In my book I point out that health is the automatic result of removing whatever is weakening the body. This may be food, vitamins, what your bathe with or put on your body. It can also be what you listen to and who you surround yourself with. In subtle ways, even colors can strengthen or deplete your physical body. All these things can either strengthen or deplete you. Each person’s body is unique; what can be strengthening for one person can be poison to another.

A simple way to test everything you are exposing yourself to is called muscle testing.  It takes the help of another person to do it. I recommend that you be blind folded or at least tightly close your eyes so you can’t interfere and bias the testing. No matter how hard you try not to interfere, your beliefs and opinions as well as likes and dislikes will give you false readings. You will need a large plate or tray to place the items on to insure you can’t guess by weight or touch what is being tested. Hold the empty plate at your solar plexus so that what you are going to test can be placed on it; (This is the area right in front of your Diaphragm which is the directly above your belly button right below your ribs.)  Now with the other arm you are not using to hold the plate, raise your arm to shoulder level either straight in front of you or straight out to the side whichever is easiest for you. Have your helper push down on your arm while you try to resist. Try with all your strength not to let them push your arm down. This is to develop a base line of your physical strength to compare to. Now have your helper place one item at a time that you want to test on the plate. Be sure this is without the any awareness of what is being tested as this is critical to obtain any accurate results.  Have your helper again try to push your arm down to test your strength with the item on the plate. The item will either make you stronger, weaker or there will be no change. Have your test helper place the tested items in three piles for stronger no change and weaker.  I suggest you definitely eliminate from your diet and life anything that makes you weaker. It is also wise to replace anything that does nothing to help you but does not hurt you. Replace what does nothing with what strengthens you and design your own diet of strengthening foods. (*Note sometimes a particular item will test week if the brand is a problem or the produce is somehow contaminated with toxins or pesticides.) Logically if what you are eating or taking depletes your strength (IE your life force) you are spiraling away from vibrant health. Amazingly you will discover that many of the supplements you take to make you healthier not only don’t strengthen, but weaken you. Supplements are concentrated foods so if they weaken you they have a bigger negative impact than foods.

Diet: Many ask what diet they should be on. I really believe that it is only necessary to restrict the foods and drinks that trigger an alkaline reaction in the body. These may even test well for you since long term they do strengthen but be aware the fungus seems to be strengthened by alkaline triggering foods. This includes  things  like orange juice, lemon juice (especially those tree ripened create an alkaline reaction in the body even though they are citric acid), coconut milk and coconut water, alkaline water, (might want to get PH strips-health food stores carry them- and test your drinking water) vinegars, apple juice etc.  The other things that trigger symptoms are things that irritate and excite the nerves so that includes stimulants and sugary foods like sweets and dried fruits. Caffeine and alcohol are also problems since one irritates the nerves and the other turns rapidly into sugar in the bloodstream. Grapefruit juice, pomegranate and cranberry juice seem to help as long as they do not have sugar in them. In fact if you feel a surge in the fungus in your system try drinking  these juices since they can shift your PH quickly.

I have been sent contact information about an MD specializing in mold  in Florida and am going to discuss sending people to him for testing. He seems to be open to researching things so that is a step in the right direction. I will send out a supplement newsletter if anything promising comes from my contacting him. If you are in Naples area of Florida and want to try to get testing done with him, please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 

And finally, to give you some encouragement… I asked a couple of victims to share the encouraging truth that not only I got well, but others can and do get over this by doing what I did.

Dear Megan,
I can never thank you enough for all you've done for me. Truly there is no one else on earth who knows as much or cares as much as you do about helping people with this horrible affliction. Everything you said about this has been true and accurate, as I've learned along the way.

I got well by applying your advice and using all the products you recommend, and using them the way you instruct. It has been a life-altering experience to go thru this and I'm sure no one would understand unless they've been thru it themselves.

I am greatly empowered by the knowledge and tools you've shared.

Earlier this year I was traveling thru an airport (I can travel now because I'm WELL!) and sat on a chair in the boarding lounge. After a few minutes in the chair, I suddenly felt a tickly-crawly sensation starting all over my body. I realized in horror that I was sitting in a chair that had been used at some point by a person infected, and I was reacting to this! I didn't want to get infested and then visit my family and expose them!

I had my RE9 Body Wash product with me in my carry-on, and I quickly got up and ran to the restroom where I went into the stall, wiped down my whole body with wet paper towels soaked with the Body Wash, and changed my clothes. I went back to the boarding lounge and sat in a different chair, and I was fine...there were no more symptoms because I acted quickly and did the right thing.

What if I didn't know how to deal with this? It's spreading all over the world. I'm now empowered to be able to help myself and my loved ones if they're ever exposed.
Thank you always, for saving my health...and probably my life, too!
Sept. 22, 2014

Review/Testimony for Megan Wells

I am so thankful for finding Megan Wells and her website, which is the only course of action that relieved my suffering.

Her 3 part protocol of:

  • fogging the house
  • caring for the skin
  • laundry procedure miraculous and works!!

Along with the above protocols, my telephone conferences with Megan made all the difference in the world.  Through direct conversation with Megan, the procedures were clarified.  In addition I felt comforted and valued. I finally found someone to listen, who had lived successfully through the same nightmare experience, and who had successfully treated the skin, the house, the laundry.  Doctors and dermatologists, as well as pest control companies were of no help to me. Often they tried to discredit what I was experiencing.  Megan was the voice of experience, strength and hope that I could connect with.

Before discovering Megan, I was lost, trying many things over the internet for my hair, body, laundry, and home.  At best, none of these suggestions worked.  At worst, I was damaging my skin, body, etc, while spending a fortune with no results.

With the gentle, holistic, natural products that Megan suggested, I felt relief for the first time from my symptoms.  I was getting better. My skin, which was very damaged before Megan's protocol, is now healthy and strong. Today, I still use many of the products for bathing, shampooing and treatment of the skin because they are good for my skin.

I found that Megan Wells is willing to go to any lengths to help others. She is truly serving humanity with her website, protocol and consultations.   I trust her totally.

For example: I was visiting my daughter out of town and forgot the body wash. I needed it desperately. Megan called the company, found a consultant near me. The consultant met me the next day with the body wash, that I purchased, so I could continue the protocol uninterrupted. Thank you, Megan!

Megan Wells has gone above and beyond in her care warmth and consulting with me. I truly believe in her and thank God that she has shared what she has found to be effective in getting rid of this condition. Because of Megan, her website, her sharing, I am healthy and free today to live life to the fullest. Thank you again, Megan. I am forever grateful!!

Another confirmation client sent that what I discovered about this condition is true…

“hospital pathology an biology dept confirmed finding the following on tape of my husband my bodies: a) fungus- they want tape samples to determine the kind as we gave them photos of the tape, b) mites and c) something they said was organic and they could not identify - they want more tape samples- we believe this is the collembolan”

Hoping for your healing and always praying for you all,

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