Replacement Sunscreen from Arbonne

Big News!
I've discovered that the Swiss formula Men's facial moisturizer has the same active ingredients as the old  Swiss SPF 30 formula that was so helpful in protecting skin from the fungus when having to go into an infected box or to wear when having to go around people you want to protect. I still had some of the discontinued  SPF 30 formula (since I only used it at the beach occasionally) so I actually tasted them both and they tasted exactly the same! I  then checked the ingredients and sure enough, the active ingredients are the same. I put some of each on my arm and can't tell the difference so I think is a better replacement than the sunscreen for face I had recommended as a replacement earlier. Here is the product number. *If you already bought the sunscreen for face you can still use that, but this one is going to go on easier and cost less because it will water down and spread better.

Men's Facial Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Sunscreen #638.  If you have not previously ordered the recommended skin products, send me an email requesting the link to purchase.

Prayers for your healing,

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