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Dear Subscribers,

It was Christmas when I started trying to get this newsletter out for last year. I sent something out and I believe I was the only one that got it since I do not know how to use the website interface with the subscriber list. I know for some of you, the holidays were a sad time since it meant time away from those you most love and wanted to be with. I understand since I stayed away from all human contact for over 2 years while trying to heal myself. I caution you however, to not infect those you love the most. One thing I am sure about is how highly contagious this is to those in the high-risk group of the population. Have faith and be patient. This too shall pass and it is extremely tragic when you infect those you would never want to hurt. I would suggest that you wait to see others once you have NO symptoms for at least 2 weeks.

You can try to coat yourself with the Swiss formula women’s face lotion with SPF 20 or the Swiss formula men’s face lotion that is also SPF 20 to protect (you must send me a request for a link to these) others from getting the fungus or try coating yourself with COTZ, but I would still never suggest you touch any one or sit on their furniture while infected. You can no longer can get the SPF 30 sunscreen that worked as a hazmat suit, and the men’s and women’s face creams do work but using them for this purpose has become impractical due to the high cost of such a small amount of product. If anyone wants to help me try to purchase the discontinued formula to manufacture it and make it available, there would surely be a great number of immediate purchasers since that product did work to keep the bugs and fungus off while cleaning out infected things from the house. Let me know if you have resources and expertise to do something to help.

Speaking of the skin products… I got a scare when a client emailed saying the company was out of the body wash and that it might be discontinued! Talk about panic. So far, that is not true and they got the product in again, but I wanted to suggest that EVERYONE get some back up and keep it in your refrigerator just to be safe. This is one of the MOST important parts of the protocol and a delay or God forbid they discontinue it would be tragic. Maybe if there is a surge of purchases of that product the company will not ever change or discontinue it. I would suggest a 4 month supply just to have on hand even if you are over this. It will need to be refrigerated since it loses its ability to work once it gets too old as buying expired product on Amazon has shown. If you do not have that product yet please email me for the link. The company disallowed me to mention their name or continue to have a link on my website because they were angry at my making what they considered medical claims for their products.

It is common that people get so freaked out by this that they continue doing the protocol when they are long over the infection. This is the Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome that almost everyone suffers. Every normal itch and every piece of lint that falls on you makes you jump out of your skin. At some point the protocol may even cause rashes and symptoms and in that case, letting the skin normalize is the answer. This is hard to determine but about 1 out of 10 are causing their residual symptoms by being afraid to stop treatments. They are reacting to Cat’s Claw on their skin or PCO left in their clothing or have gotten rashes from the body wash not washed off completely. If you no longer have “burning” itch, or pinpricking or biting & stinging sensations, you are most likely done and have residual skin and nerve damage left over from the trauma. Tingling of the nerve endings with no other symptom most likely is residual nerve damage and in my case, it took months to stop. You know if you have been in this war that this fungus is aggressive and does not just sit in limbo. If you have nerve symptoms on some part of your body and then feel nothing again there it is residual.

IMPORTANT NEWS: There may be help with the nerve damage. There is a massager that has an unusually high frequency that can have a great effect on healing the nerves and could possibly break up the fungus/ virus in the nerves with its frequency.  It could be another important part of the protocol if anyone wants to try it. I always wanted to somehow affect the fungus under the skin with manipulation since it seems logical that it is fragile somehow even if it is resilient. I noticed that where there was infection, if I squeezed the skin it was tender so it is easy to identify where you are infected with this massager.  The massager I recommend is different from others because of the vibratory rate that it has. I have healed myself of serious soft tissue injuries quickly with this one and believe it has something to do with the higher frequency with which it vibrates.  I know some are experimenting with Rife machines trying to affect this condition and Hulda Clark killed digestive parasites with frequencies. (I tried her machine on this with no results). This massager is worth checking out. The worst that can happen is you better your overall health by removing blockages and stimulating circulation.  I would suggest trying it whenever you feel a nerve sensation until the sensation is completely gone. You must be aware to disinfect it or do it through clothing to be on the safe side if active fungus might still be in the skin surface. This special massager is made by Hitachi and https://www.bonanza.com/listings/Hitachi-TWIN-HEAD-Power-Massager-Model-HVT-350/457044604?st_id%253D51350196&source=gmail&ust=1495086790934000&usg=AFQjCNFyQs_XR7euDZ5l7gPJMRrjcbZAkQ" style="color: rgb(17, 85, 204);">the model can be found here.

I wish I had some other new break through to share with you but all I have are some tips to help you do the existing protocol more efficiently. I am always encouraged with the reports that so many have been relieved of this horrible suffering and that keeps me at this (even though it has been over a decade now). From suggestions from those I have helped get well I have decided to put together a 30-minute video or MP3 to give out instead of my free 30 minute consultations to give myself some time to have a life. Of course, that will take time and energy so we will see when and if that happens and how. Anyone with this skill that wants to help please contact me. I would be willing to trade consulting for professional help with that.

So far, there is still nothing else other than what worked for me that has shown to work for more than one person who tells me about it. Some victims recommend things but sure enough, if I wait to see how it goes they are back to me asking for help and whatever it was they thought worked didn’t. (Like Listerine as one example.) The protocol I have streamlined does work and has shown to still be the only thing that reliably works for everyone who does it correctly. There are many mistakes that people make that have shown to delay their complete recovery from this life disrupting condition.

Most of the problems stem from those who do not take time off work to focus on doing the protocol full time or they cannot be thorough clearing their environment because other family members who have no symptoms won’t cooperate. It has been the truth in a few cases that others not bothered by the infection can still be a carrier. Scary thought I know, but I need to warn that this has happened. The person has minor symptoms that don't bother them because they are less vulnerable to the infection in the beginning. This was true in my own case with my daughter. She brought the problem into my house from a house she later told me was infested. She had minor skin symptoms (red bumps that looked like mosquito bites) but they did not bother her…yet. After 6 months, she had all the rest of the symptoms; burning itch, pinpricking, and crawling. It took 6 months for her to be bothered but she did have the red bumps all over her upper back and she did sit on my couch and infect it. Once she began to suffer she did the protocol and got clear. I am happy to report she has been clear ever since and is now happily married with a 5-yr. old daughter.

Every week I speak with someone who has fogged and is still suffering crawling. In EVERY case I learn there is some upholstery or padded furniture that has not been destroyed and removed from the house. Recently it was leather upholstery in a car seat which is very difficult to penetrate as required to clear anything. Unless there is free flow of the soaking solution through all the fabric and or padding as in the case of the car, clearing it is highly unlikely.           * Note cloth upholstery in car seats has been cleared since the seat is small enough to saturate with the rubbing alcohol through and through to attempt what a submerging soak would accomplish. Usually it is because some furniture item is expensive and the people cannot bring themselves to lose it that people continue to suffer. They will lose months and thousands of dollars to try to keep what they could replace for much less than what they will spend on wasted product and loss of income being tied up with this life sucking problem. One man cleared everything on his body but his forehead would not clear. Turns out he was wearing baseball hats that he was soaking in PCO but due to the cardboard in them, they could not be cleared and were re-infecting him daily. I had a back pack that continued to re-infect me every day even though I had been soaking it. The cardboard stiffening in the straps could not be cleared. 

It is also important to remove those infected padded items that cannot be cleared with a soak prior to fogging or you will drive the bug down deep into the padding to escape the fog. The collembola is attracted where ever the fungus is present, and in the case of furniture, that means they will be on all items (like infected mattresses, couches, and chairs) that have been infected with the fungus. Of course, if no symptoms are experienced sitting or lying on those items it is possible but not probable that they are OK. I recommend that even if you are not willing to throw them into the dump (after cutting them so no one else will take them) then at lease get them out of your house into your garage. Once you are clear and have no symptoms for at least 2 weeks then bring them back in 1 item at a time and watch to see if any symptoms return. If they do then immediately remove the item, strip down, put your clothes in a sealed bag, jump in the shower and soap down with the body wash and treat the areas on your skin that you felt something with cat’s claw, Cotz, and baby powder. You will be over it treating for just one day or 2 at the most. Remember the products do work and since you have been newly exposed (as opposed to going untreated with what works for a long period) you can immediately wipe out the new infection. The only reason the protocol takes more time is that in most cases before people find me, symptoms go untreated (with anything that works) for weeks or months or by doing what makes things worse (which is most often the case) extends the days that are needed to get clear. Also, the damage to the skin by other toxic treatments (permethrin etc.) weakens the skin making it more difficult to get clear. The skin is the largest organ in the body (yes, it is a vital organ like your heart or your liver) and is the largest component of your immune system. Weakened skin means more time to get over this since your skin needs to protect you from infection and heal. Beat up skin has a harder time doing its job.

IF you fog your car or house BEFORE you treat the car seat or remove mattresses and couches you only be shielding the bug from exposure to what has the power to kill it. The bug is attracted to whatever has the smell of the fungus on it so it is right there on the seat or couch or bed when you fog and it will immediately bury itself into the padding to escape the smell that will kill it. The bug is then carrying the fungus deep into the padding. Since there is no residual killing power, the bug just comes back out unexposed to the fog and ready to re-infect you.

The most economical way to fog is to do the fogging when the air in the house is cool and moist to prevent using more fogging product that would be required to saturate dry air. Remember if there are droplets or puddles on the floor when you go back in to air out your house, you are wasting product since it only works on this situation in the vapor form. Droplets or puddles means you over saturated the air and that is why the product rained on to the floor. Is the fog staying in the air for at least 2-3 hours? Many mistakes are made when people find out the fog is not in the air long enough to do its job as they go away and never check to see if the fog is visible after an hour or 2. If the fogging product worked from just being on surfaces you would not need to fog at all, you could just spray but it doesn’t. The only way it works on this is in fog form due to the need to completely saturate the environment. It is also important to go around the outside once you have filled the house with fog, to stop all leaks that create air movement inside. That movement causes the fog to dissipate before it can work effectively which means wasting the product and your precious time.

In the laundry protocol, I realized that it would be wise to soak your least dirty clothing or linens first to get more bang out of your buck with repeated soaks in the same solution. Besides evaporation eventually taking the PCO out of the water, the dirt from the clothing will change the solution to something that is too weak to do the job. Remember you can get a jar full of the soaking solution and soak jewelry and glasses in the jar. If the jar is sealed from air, it can last the week between your laundry drill.

Take off from work or if you can’t, at least use Kool & Fit during the day to knock down the fungus until you can get home to treat it correctly. The fastest way to get over the fungus is to treat every symptom the minute is starts to rear its ugly head again. If you wait the fungus is aggressive and is getting a break from combating it which means it is coming back to life. Always remember dehydration and air flow on the skin is your friend and all H2O (water) is your enemy since this fungus thrives on all forms of H2O from the inside, in the form of sweat to moisture in the air or bathing. Skin hydration (plump with water) creates perfect soil for fungus to thrive. Water revives the fungus you are trying to kill in the same way a plant is revived by being watered. Therefore, it is imperative to get the bug out of your environment first so you can stop trying to use water to get over this. You must wash the bug off but when you wet the skin even with body wash it is hydrating the skin making the fungus under the skin happier and stronger.

Use Now brand peppermint (best for the money) or any kind of strong peppermint oil on your clothing or hair (not on your skin) to repel the bugs until you can get them out of your house and car by fogging. As long as the smell is strong it will keep them off. A candle or incense also works if it is right near you. Remember the bug is not the cause but becomes a carrier so every time you feel crawling it is surely re-infecting you.

Use a surgical mask sprayed with Kool and Fit to protect your nose if you are having issues after treating your nose with Cat’s Claw and Cotz or until you clear it with repeated doses. (Remember the problem is just the edge of the inside of the nostril not up inside. Do not put Cats Claw on any mucus membrane it will burn and it is not necessary.) As a temporary measure, you can put Cotz on foam ear plugs to keep bugs out of your ears. Note* Blocking ears holds in moisture which exasperates the fungus so Cat’s Claw on a Q-tip is best to kill the fungus in your ears and that is what is attracting the bugs there.

Everyone who goes through this ordeal is tired and exhausted by the end. One product that I recommend in my other health consulting is an herbal liquid that has been around for 70 years and that can knock 2 hours off your need to sleep and is not a stimulant. (I do not believe caffeine is at all beneficial since it does not really give you any energy but merely whips your glands to secrete your reserves which later in life you will surely need.)

This product is a liquid herbal mixture that increases the oxygen carrying capacity of your blood which has amazing benefits. It was developed by a scientist who was a mountain climber for relieving lack of oxygen symptoms for climbing in high altitudes. (The same brilliant scientist invented water base paint and the freeze dry process.) The benefits are different for everyone just like taking a potent vitamin will help people in different ways. Oxygen being the number one nutriment we all need means this product can help many conditions. I originally took it because due to an injury I could no longer perform as a trained ballet dancer and the stress caused my hair to fall out in my late 20’s. It was coming out in clumps and I was afraid I would be bald for life. A kind soul gave me a bottle and it stopped my hair problem almost immediately. As an incredible added benefit, it healed my rotator cuff injury after 3 months and I went back to performing ballet for another 20+ years. This was after being told it would be a permanent injury by insurance company doctors who were paid to try to prove it was not a permanent injury. They testified it would never heal due to permanent scarring but this product changed all that.

I began to give it away to friends and family and was always amazed from the stories I heard coming back. I saw it heal many women who had scar tissue preventing pregnancy who became fertile and pregnant by surprise after taking it for other reasons. I witnessed it heal a stroke victim who’s one year paralyzed side came back to normal in just 2 weeks. It has a cleansing affect which can mean lots of trips to the bathroom when first taking it but the cleansing crisis leaves way to a surge of new energy at your disposal.; many begin cleaning out basements and attics not realizing it is related to the extra energy from taking it. Since it is the same viscosity as your blood it can be absorbed readily through the salivary glands in your mouth. This means those with digestive problems can benefit since it can bypass that requirement. About 1/3 those who take it feel almost a buzz within minutes. Some have even accused me of giving them alcohol which is not true since there is no alcohol in it. The other 2/3 of those who take it feel it after 1-3 months. You can learn more about it and purchase it here: http://www.univera.com/KMliquid go to Product number (SKU 130201)

The other suggestion is taking high doses of Vitamin C. My favorite is this powder that is 5,000 mg per teaspoon Vitamin C Powder. This is of course good for all infections but may be especially helpful since it is a safe acid. If anyone can get an IV treatment with Vitamin C, I would like to hear about the results. I believe it will require consecutive daily treatments possibly 2 or 3 days in a row. Some naturopathic doctors do this type of treatments while helping with heavy metal de-toxing. The other possible internal help might be bitters. We know this fungus likes sweet and does not like bitter. There is a product called Nutribiotics  that is made from grapefruit seed extract that is extremely bitter and has strong antibiotic qualities. Taken in un sweetened grapefruit juice the bitterness is tolerable. That with the Vit C powder in it may help combat surges of fungus in the body. As always, if you are on any kind of medication, please check with your doctor before taking anything else internally.

The other suggestion for environment is called a Max Blaster. I have linked a video of why this is different than other ionizers. It is an industrial strength ionizer for killing mold. I am told it is so strong that you cannot be in the house while or after it is used without clearing out the ozone. Although I have heard great reports when using it for mold problems, I do not know if it can help clear a house with this fungus. I do not like having people experiment with what is not proven to work but there is no way of knowing if this will work except someone tries it. I still believe that fogging with Cedar is absolutely necessary for wiping out the bug infestation however so you would need to do both. This machine is only for molds but MAY have an effect on this fungus. Please let me know if you try it and what happens. I would say you would need to buy the strongest one this company makes not the cheapest to get any results. I do not want anyone to spend time or money on things that have not proven they absolutely work every time, but I am always trying to shorten the time it takes to get over this. If the Max Blaster does nothing it is an expensive experiment. One I do not necessarily recommend for this condition but I do not know how else to test it.

The other product that I have recommended for years in my other consulting is a skin salve that can not only test for mutated skin cells, meaning it can help detect if you have any cancer or precancerous skin cells, but also may heal abnormal skin that is a residual of this skin fungus. Many have discoloring or hard bumps which are scar tissue or an abnormality at the least. This product feels cold when it touches abnormal skin but does not feel like anything if the skin is normal. It then eats away at the abnormal skin going in to deeper and deeper layers until it hits healthy skin. Then it scabs over and all that remains when the scab falls off is healthy skin. My friend had been diagnosed with a skin cancer on his head so we tried it before he returned to the dermatologist for the removal surgery. This product completely removed it and the dermatologist was shocked to see there was not even a scar where it had been. (Of course, the dermatologist would not tell anyone about it since he would lose lots of business) That was proof enough for me because I saw it with my own eyes. Of course, the AMA tried to shut down the company since it really did work. You can buy it on Amazon through my link found here. (Please note that this is NOT a product called Black Salve which I do not recommend at all because it affects healthy skin as well as abnormal skin and is too dangerous to use)

Last but most interesting is a machine from Japan that can make water into medicine. I have been searching for something that could shift a person’s PH quickly and thoroughly enough to possibly kill the fungus. I still believe that this is environmentally caused condition so there is no way around doing what needs to be done to the house, car, clothing and linens since even if there were something that could be taken internally, if you were continually re-infected by your environment, you would still never get over this nightmarish condition. I know from my 10 years of study and consulting that this fungus/virus thrives in a healthy immune system at a healthy slightly alkaline PH. I have never recommended someone trying to become acidic to help get rid of this because that only weakens your immune system which you desperately need strong to fight and get over this. I had not even considered going the other way as far as changing the PH to an extreme alkaline to knock it out. It is not tested and may make things worse but I am thinking about it.

What I teach in my beginning book on how to have a healthy immune system is the example that if you take an earth worm out of your garden and place it on your clean kitchen table it will not be able to live at all. Every life form has an environment in which it flourishes. All life forms have a limitation of how far out from the ideal environment they can survive. For example, your body gets a fever to kill off pathogens that cannot survive over 98.6 degrees. The other thing I teach is that the body NEVER malfunctions any more that the ocean, the sun, or moon malfunction. This should make sense to everyone since it is the same intelligence running the body as what runs the rest of nature. Nature is super intelligent and the human body is smart enough to do 30 trillion things all at once. Everything it does is to save your life by trying to keep your stream clean: by that I mean your blood stream. It does this using various methods to remove and eliminate harmful excess toxins aka symptoms. It will take toxins out of circulation (the blood stream) and store them where they will not harm the vital organs and the brain (in areas of less circulation) until there is a safer opportunity when the body has less toxins to deal with. It will then slowly dump them back into the blood to exit the body. For more on this subject you can read my book which in the digital version is available for free at Amazon prime or $4.49 for the Kindle version.

Acid chemistry eats away at the body and breaks down the vitality of the cells (It is also the only environment where cancer cells can live and multiply). It may be possible however, to get the body to a degree of extreme alkalinity as to be far enough out of the comfort zone of this fungus/virus to kill it. This is tricky to say the least since we know a spike in alkalinity sets this fungus off. What we don’t know is if there is a point on the alkaline side that will do it in. There is a machine being used in Japan that restructures water on a molecular level making it into a solvent as well as super hydrator. This machine also splits water into extreme acid and extreme alkaline. The water being electrified which only lasts about 24 hours also has tremendous benefits to the body. The extreme alkaline ionized water could have an effect on the fungus. If it does not though it could possibly make it worse. For those of you who are over the active fungus and depleted from the ordeal I highly recommend this machine for healing your immune system. This is not alkaline water which does not have any change in the structure. It is the restructuring and electrifying which is what makes it most powerful. This causes the water to be a tremendous anti-oxidant. Oxidation in the body is what ages it and makes you vulnerable to all sorts of debilitating conditions. It is well known that there are many high-level antioxidant foods. This water has an antioxidant rating 100’s of times higher. For more information e-mail me and I will be happy to send it.

Lastly, I want to assure all of you that the way out is in your hands and it is up to use to use these tools so completely that you free yourself from the hell that only those who have been there can even imagine. I pray for your complete freedom, not symptom suppression, but liberation from even the thought of this affecting your life.

In Love and Gratitude,

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