Does This Protocol Work for Morgellons?

I believe that Collembola has progressive symptoms and Morgellons is just a more advanced form of the Collembola caused infection. That is why I feel that our protocol will help the Morgellons victims as well. I also believe that Morgellons victims are not able to heal because their environment (the source) is not being treated due to denial of many of those working with Morgellons victims. I have actually heard that some people working to help Morgellons victims are charging them $550 for just one consultation. In these consultations victims are told there is no cure and that their environment has nothing to do with their condition. I find this alarming.

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Have you gotten over this?

Yes, I am typing this with nothing bothering me at all.

I can wear my same clothes for a week and do it just because I finally can. I can use a towel over and over and don't have to bag my clothes. I bought a new mattress and couch and my home looks nice again as opposed to trash bags full of clean or dirty clothes and linens everywhere as the only decoration.

Doctor Helping with internal treatment!

I was recently contacted by a  Collembola victim who was doing my protocol for environment and told me about a doctor who is treating Morgellon's disease who gave her something to take for Collembola. She claims it helped her recover in 2 weeks. Not only that, but she told me she was pregnant and he also treated her 1 yr old baby with no side affects to either of them!  I contacted the doctor asking for more testimonials and was given the contact information of a woman who suffered from Morgellon's for 4 years and did her own research which contributed to this doctor knowing how to treat her and others with the bizarre symptoms including skin itching, fibers,  and lesions. She also concurred that it has been the most powerful internal help she has found and, in fact, the only help she has found.

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How long does it take to get over this?

From my own experience and working with others, I have seen that it takes about half as long as you have had symptoms because the longer this goes untreated the more totally infested an environment becomes. This means it takes longer to get clear due to re-infecting yourself with things you forget to treat or miss and because of that, reintroduce the bug and infect your environment all over again.

Getting over it is not what takes the time; it is starting over because of mistakes.

A cluttered house of course is the most challenging.

I have them in my eyes and nose, what can I do?

Try washing your eyelashes with no more tears baby shampoo morning and night. If that does not work get a prescription ointment (not drops) for eye infection and follow directions for it.

Many have been helped by using the cat's claw on a Q-tip and swabbing out the outer edge of the inside of the nose. You can do this at night so you won't look strange for work. Cotz SPF 58 inside the nose also has helped folks. The cat's claw is strong and may burn but the Cotz won't so just be cautious and try a small area first.

When can I stop treating and doing the protocol?

I suggest you continue for at least one week after all symptoms have disappeared. If anything is felt even slightly it can all start up in a full blown attack again.

I believe these bugs multiply in the millions and just 2 remaining can probably start the infestation up again in just days. Stopping the protocol prematurely can mean starting completely over.

Sometimes just being exposed to an infected person or article can start the whole nightmare over. Be safe and go the extra mile.

Is this Morgellons disease?

Although we never had "colored' fibers coming out of our skin, most of our other symptoms seemed to match exactly. When I looked at the gallery photos I had taken to load on to the new website I did see fibers in what I had lifted from my skin in those photos. These fibers were transparent unless a cream or something with pigment was applied to show them which is probably why we never noticed them. The skin specimens were in addition to what I had found in my environment which was Collembola. I now believe that the Collembola is attracted to the fibers which are some kind of fungus. I thought it was suspicious that after the Kaiser study on Morgellon's ended the Morgellons Foundation site steady flow of newsletters abruptly ended.

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No one else in my house feels anything. Am I crazy like the doctors say?

Not everyone is susceptible to the attack. I believe some can even be carriers and not feel anything. It is apparently something to do with hormones that make one susceptible to the disease and attractive to this bug.

So far, in the 2 years of reading the results of surveys victims have answered, no young men have reported getting this. Every other gender and age has contacted me. There does not appear to be any other patterns in the victims. Many are strong and healthy with no weakness in their immune system as a contributing factor.

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